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Report: USAF Grounds B-1B Lancer Bomber Fleet Pending Safety Investigation

Jun 08 2018
Global Strike Command Issues Safety Stand-Down Following Texas In-Flight Emergency And Ejection Seat Issue.

The U.S. Air Force Global Strike Command has issued a “safety stand-down” of its B-1B Lancer bomber fleet late Thursday.

The safety stand-down, official language for the grounding ...

The Time I Found a Formerly Top Secret D-21 Supersonic Drone in the Arizona Desert

Jun 08 2018
In the Back Lot of the Pima Air & Space Museum You Can Discover History.

1547 Hrs. December 20, 2009. In the Back Storage Yard of the Pima Air & Space Museum Outside Tucson, Arizona.

Most of what is lying around in ...

The Return of “Iceman”: Val Kilmer to Appear in “Top Gun” Sequel

Jun 07 2018
Studio Leaks Say Kilmer Will Join Tom Cruise in Anticipated Sequel Titled “Top Gun: Maverick”

Every Hollywood entertainment news outlet lit up on Wednesday night with the news that actor Val Kilmer would return in the highly-anticipated sequel film “Top Gun: ...

UK’s First Four F-35B Jets Currently On Their Way To The UK and Their New Home Of RAF Marham

Jun 06 2018
The first F-35B aircraft are expected to land later today to join the RAF 617 Squadron “Dambusters”.

Earlier today four Lightning jets of 617 Squadron took of from Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort, South Carolina, where the famous “Dambusters” unit was ...

Italian Typhoons and Greek F-16s Take Over NATO Air Policing mission over Montenegro

Jun 05 2018
With the symbolic intercept of a Montenegrin Government aircraft, Italian and Greek fighters have kicked off a new NATO Air Policing mission.

On Jun. 5, the day of the anniversary of Montenegro’s membership in NATO, the Italian and Hellenic Air Force ...

Before Deploying To Latvia, Two USAF A-10s from 107th FS Flew Over Normandy For D-Day 74 Ceremonies

Jun 05 2018
Before deploying to the Baltic region, two A-10 Thunderbolt II aircraft flew over the beaches of Normandy, France, as part of the commemoration ceremonies for D-Day 74.

Eight A-10C attack aircraft from the 107th FS of the 124th Fighter Wing Michigan Air ...

Military Aviation

Nov 14 2018
There is much more in Neil Armstrong’s flight, the longest X-15 flight in the entire research program, than a movie can show...
Nov 13 2018
Does “Maverick” Eject From An SR-72 in “Top Gun: Maverick”? Interesting photos hit Hollywood social media via TheHollywood...


Nov 04 2018
A drone with a significant resemblance to the Northrop Grumman X-47B has been unveiled at China’s biggest airshow. A new dro...
Aug 06 2018
Drone attack on President Maduro caught on video. According to press reports and official reports two drones armed with explosives...

Aviation Safety / Air Crashes

Nov 14 2018
One Pilot Confirmed Dead, One Hospitalized in Latest USAF Trainer Crash. One crew member is confirmed dead and another hospitalize...
Nov 12 2018
It’s also the Second Crash for Reagan in One Month Following MH-60 Seahawk Crash Last Month. A two-seat U.S. Navy F/A-18F Su...

Rogue States

Nov 10 2018
A Look Back at the F-35Bs deployed to the Middle East on the 243rd Birthday of the USMC. Today is the 243rd Anniversary of the Uni...
Nov 08 2018
Russia’s Newest Fifth Generation Fighter Dances Behind An-12 In Unique Photo-Op. Great video of Russia’s latest Sukhoi Su-57 f...

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