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Russian Victory Day Rehearsal Flyover In Moscow Produces Spectacular Images

May 10 2017
Flyover Cancelled on Parade Day Due to Weather, But Rehearsal was Interesting and Impressive.

May 9, 2017

A structural silence cloaks Red Square today. Cold humidity hangs over expansive rows of military formations under the weight of history.

You can hear air moving ...

U.S. Army Rangers Kill ISIS-K Leader in Combined Air/Ground Raid in Afghanistan.

May 08 2017
Army Confirms U.S. Raid in Afghanistan Following MOAB Strike Killed ISIS-K Leader.

The U.S. military confirmed in a statement on May 7 that the ISIS-K leader in Afghanistan, Sheikh Abdul Hasib, was killed by a combined air/ground operation last month.

The raid ...

Mysterious X-37B Unmanned Space Plane Returns After Long, Secret Mission.

May 08 2017
Mission of Secret Space Drone Remains Unknown Following 717-Day Orbit.

The secretive U.S. Air Force Boeing X-37B orbital unmanned spacecraft has landed at the Kennedy Space Center Shuttle Landing Facility on the east coast of Florida after an extended 717-day long ...

The Hellenic Air Force Has Retired Its Last RF-4E Phantom Jets

May 08 2017
The HAF has bid farewell to its last “recce” Phantoms.

On May 4, Larissa airbase, Greece, hosted the spotter day for the final flight of the Hellenic Air Force RF-4E, the last “recce” Phantoms in Europe. With the phase out of ...

We Flew Red Air against F-22 Raptors, F-35 Lightning IIs, Rafales and Typhoons in Atlantic Trident ’17. Here’s How It Went.

May 05 2017
Flying adversary air in a 71st Fighter Training Squadron (FTS) T-38A Talon during Atlantic Trident 17.

At 21,000 ft “Code” rolls the Talon inverted.  I have just enough time to realize we are inverted – before the Gs started building and ...

First F-35B Assembled Internationally Rolled Out of Cameri FACO Production Facility

May 05 2017
It’s the first F-35B assembled outside of the U.S.

On May. 5, the first F-35B, the Short Take-Off Vertical Landing variant of the the F-35 Lightning II, destined to the Italian Navy, rolled out of the Final Assembly and Check Out ...

Military Aviation

Aug 16 2017
Any landing you can walk away from is a good landing. The A-10 is famous for being exceptionally tough and able to survive direct ...
Aug 16 2017
New Process Showcased for Sourcing Includes Proposed Light Attack Aircraft. The U.S. Air Force invited reporters to Holloman AFB i...


Aug 17 2017
We Went Inside USAF MQ-9 Reaper Training and Operations at Holloman AFB. We never heard it. Out of the corner of my eye in a cloud...
Aug 08 2017
Several people have spotted a drone apparently too close to the U.S. Navy display team’s F/A-18 Hornets. On Aug. 4, 2017, th...

Aviation Safety / Air Crashes

Aug 16 2017
Any landing you can walk away from is a good landing. The A-10 is famous for being exceptionally tough and able to survive direct ...
Aug 14 2017
Yet another “Rhino” has crashed. It’s the second Super Hornet this year, the fourth one since May 2016. As you p...

Rogue States

Aug 13 2017
A “what if” story. Disclaimer: this story contains some “poetic licenses” to make the fictional scenario m...
Aug 13 2017
What will be the eventual outcome of the current perceived brinkmanship between the United States and North Korea? For students of...

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