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We went aboard USS America during USMC F-35B Proof Of Concept Sea Trials

Nov 25 2016
We Visited the USS America with 12 F-35Bs on Board!

The rumble of the MV-22B reverberated off the flight deck of the USS America (LHA-6).

The 12 F-35Bs onboard represented more F-35s than had ever gathered at sea. The F-35B moving steadily ...

Amazing video shows three Jetmen fly in formation with the Patrouille de France display team

Nov 24 2016
The three Jetmen Yves Rossy, Vincent Reffet and Fred Fugen flew together with the Patrouille de France in an unprecedented aerial choreography.

Little more than one year ago, Jetman Dubai flew in formation with an Airbus A380 over Dubai during a ...

Here’s how the Italian Air Force has restructured to enhance its ability to face modern, terrorist threats

Nov 24 2016
A QRA (Quick Reaction Alert) cell deployed to an airbase in the northwest; fighters flying with live weapons during training flights: this is how the Italian Air Force deals with modern threats and shrinking budgets.

Italian Air Force 4.0: this is ...

Watch this scary video of a Ukrainian Su-27 almost crashing into the ground while performing yet another insane low pass

Nov 22 2016
This time a Flanker gets a handful of meters from the ground and a bystander…

Ukrainian Air Force pilots love flying low and be filmed in the process.

In the last couple of years we have published several videos showing pretty dangerous ...

U.S. Army National Guard AH-64D Apache flying in Utah’s Supermoon

Nov 22 2016
“My wingman was about 1 mile out my right in perfect position when I grabbed the shot with a zoom lens.”

The stunning photo in this post depicts an AH-64D Longbow Apache with the 1-211th ARB (Army National Guard) returning to ...

Take a seat aboard the “Papyrus Hunter” flying through the Alps with this magnificient video

Nov 20 2016
Fantastic footage from aboard the “Papyrus Hunter” during its display at the Zigermeet 2016.

The “Papyrus Hunter” is a Hunter F.Mk.58, built in 1956 and delivered to the Swiss Air Force on May 29, 1959 as J-4040.

The aircraft served with the ...

Military Aviation

Mar 24 2017
A Globemaster Pilot tries desperately to read back her Takeoff Clearance to the ATC. But she’s interrupted by her crew. The ...
Mar 23 2017
An excellent clip shows the Special Color Tornado IDS rolled out last year by the Italian Air Force. On Oct. 27, 2016 the RSV (Rep...


Feb 05 2017
We can’t say whether it happened by accident or on purpose, but a U.S. unmanned spy aircraft broadcast its position for everyone...
Jan 11 2017
U.S. Navy F/A-18 Hornets released a swarm of 103 Perdix semi-autonomous drones in flight. Welcome to the future of war tech. The U...

Aviation Safety / Air Crashes

Mar 22 2017
Leaks and Media Reports Suggest Laptop Ban Linked to Jan. 28 SEAL Raid on Yemen. Unattributed quotes from “three intelligence so...
Mar 16 2017
Wake turbulence flips Challenger jet upside down. Crew survives after emergency landing. In a bizarre incident that occurred on Ja...

Rogue States

Mar 22 2017
A B-1 Lancer performing a mock attack on a range in South Korea amid raising tensions with North Korea caused the China’s Ai...
Mar 22 2017
Leaks and Media Reports Suggest Laptop Ban Linked to Jan. 28 SEAL Raid on Yemen. Unattributed quotes from “three intelligence so...

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