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Watch A C-5 Galaxy Perform A “Short Take Off” From A Runway In Central America

May 21 2018
A Galaxy uses every inch of runway 33 at Ilopango airport, El Salvador.

The following footage shows a U.S. Air Force C-5 Galaxy taking off from Ilopango airport, located on the eastern part of the city of San Salvador, El Salvador. ...

Footage From Inside A Russian Tu-95 Bear Strategic Bomber As It Is Escorted by U.S. F-22 Raptors Off Alaska Last Week

May 18 2018
The Russian Air Force has released a video that includes a short clip filmed from inside a Bear bomber escorted by two F-22 stealth aircraft.

On May 12, two U.S. Air Force F-22 Raptor jets were launched from Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, ...

China Launches First Domestically Built Aircraft Carrier

May 17 2018
New Carrier Continues Expansion of Chinese Expeditionary Capability.

China launched its first domestically produced aircraft carrier earlier for sea trials this week at the northeastern port of Dalian, in the south of Liaoning Province, China. The new ship has not been named yet and ...

Bell V-280 Valor Conducts First Cruise Mode Test Flight as Program Advances

May 16 2018
Second Milestone in 30 Days as New Light Tiltrotor Progresses to Max Speed Test.

Bell’s V-280 Valor light tiltrotor aircraft has flown in level flight with its tiltrotors in the horizontal/cruise mode for the first time this week. The aircraft reached ...

Polish Air Force’s 100th Anniversary – Part III: Polish Aviation Industry

May 16 2018
Polish Aviation Industry explained. The Early Days

Aviation became present in the territory which was to become Poland once it reached Europe. Those two things happened simultaneously. The Poles who were living, in practical terms, in three separate countries (Germany, Austro-Hungary, Russia) ...

NATO Tiger Meet begins in Poznan – Arrivals Last Weekend

May 15 2018
Last weekend we spent some time shooting the arrivals for the NATO Tiger Meet exercise that is taking place at the Krzesiny airbase in Poznan.

NTM 18, involving 70 jets, 10 helicopters and the AWACS platform, is underway in Poland until ...

Military Aviation

May 24 2018
A photograph of an Israeli Air Force F-35 flying (more or less..) “over” Beirut has been made public. Interestingly, t...
May 23 2018
F-35, T-346, Typhoon, AV-8B, CAEW among the assets involved Italy’s largest exercise supported (for the first time) by the U...


Feb 28 2018
Photos shot from UFO Seekers allegedly show unknown, triangular object interacting with two U.S. Air Force F-16s. But it’s p...
Feb 16 2018
One of the RQ-4B Global Hawk drone converted into EQ-4 has logged 20,000 flight hours operating as a “flying gateway” ...

Aviation Safety / Air Crashes

May 23 2018
Two Flight Crew Hospitalized. No Ground Casualties in Crash of Advanced Trainer. It’s the second T-38 crash in 6 months, fif...
May 13 2018
This is why aircraft carriers have JBD (Jet Blast Deflectors). The videos below show an incident that occurred aboard USS Independ...

Rogue States

May 25 2018
TSgt. John Chapman May Have Fought Desperate, Solo Battle to Safeguard Rescuers. Alone, abandoned, outgunned. USAF Tech Sgt. John ...
May 24 2018
A photograph of an Israeli Air Force F-35 flying (more or less..) “over” Beirut has been made public. Interestingly, t...

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