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Watch a German Eurofighter Typhoon use the tailhook during emergency landing at SIAF 2016

Oct 10 2016
A Eurofighter Typhoon performed a tailhook landing during SIAF 2016.

Tailhook landings by land-based aircraft are used in emergency situations to arrest planes experiencing failures that could imply a braking or steering malfunction.

Reportedly, this is what happened during SIAF (Slovak International ...

32 F-22 Raptors moved to Rickenbacker Air National Guard Base to escape Hurricane Matthew

Oct 08 2016
F-22 Raptors and T-38 Talons from Langley were “Hurrevaced” to Rickenbacker Air National Guard Base.

The top image is quite impressive.

It shows 32 F-22 Raptors from Joint Base Langley-Eustis on the ramp of the 121st Air Refueling Wing, at Rickenbacker ANGB, ...

Italian Tornado jets help police forces finding a marijuana plantation during anti-drug mission

Oct 07 2016
Italian Tornado combat planes took part in an anti-drug mission aimed at finding a marijuana plantation not far from their homebase.

About 250 kg of cannabis were seized in northern Italy after a plantation was discovered at Quinzano, near Brescia.

Interestingly, the ...

This armed Russian Su-27 Flanker has (probably) violated the Finnish airspace today

Oct 06 2016
The Finnish Ministry of Defense has released a photo of an armed Russian Flanker that possibly violated Finland’s sovereign airspace.

In the last few years we have reported several close encounters between Russian and NATO or allied aircraft in the Baltic ...

Is Poland really considering restarting production of its indigenous obsolete I-22 Iryda trainer aircraft?

Oct 06 2016
Poland may resuscitate an obsolete domestic trainer in an attempt to boost the economic situation of the country.

On Oct. 3, Mateusz Morawiecki, Poland’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of development visited Chełm State Higher School of Vocational Education (PWSZ – ...

Russia has completed ground tests of its high-energy Airborne combat Laser System

Oct 05 2016
Unlike the now-scrapped US airborne counter-ballistic laser project, Russian airborne laser system is still alive. Although based on a 35 year-old design dating back to the Soviet era…

The Russian airborne laser program dates back to the end of the 1970s ...

Military Aviation

Dec 05 2016
An F-35 performed some high-speed passes through the famous “Jedi Transition” in the Death Valley. Generating visible ...
Dec 05 2016
Less than three weeks after losing a MiG-29, it looks like the Russian Navy has lost another aircraft during Admiral Kuznetsov ope...


Oct 19 2016
MQ-4C, E-2C, C-2A, P-8A, F-35 and SH-60R flew over USS Zumwalt in Chesapeake USS Zumwalt, the U.S. Navy’s newest and most te...
Oct 18 2016
U.S. Air Force’s gigantic Global Hawk drones have been flying over Ukraine for about two years. However, they recently let e...

Aviation Safety / Air Crashes

Nov 29 2016
Legacy Hornets are crashing at an alarming rate! A Royal Canadian Air Force single-seat CF-188 Hornet from 4 Wing Cold Lake crashe...
Nov 22 2016
This time a Flanker gets a handful of meters from the ground and a bystander… Ukrainian Air Force pilots love flying low and...

Rogue States

Dec 05 2016
Less than three weeks after losing a MiG-29, it looks like the Russian Navy has lost another aircraft during Admiral Kuznetsov ope...
Nov 27 2016
Despite criticism, Israel decided to exercise the option for another 17 aircraft. And there might also be some F-35Bs at the horiz...

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