You Really Have To Watch The “Top Gun: Maverick” Trailer Recreated In LEGO Bricks!

Some screenshot from the "Top Gun: Maverick" trailer recreated in LEGO (Image credit: YT Onbeatman)

This is beyond cool: the trailer of “Top Gun: Maverick”, recreated in Lego bricks!

As everybody knows, “Top Gun: Maverick”, the highly-anticipated sequel to the original 1986 “Top Gun” hit movie has been delayed (twice), until July 2, 2021. While the film will premiere in theatres around the world more than a year behind the original schedule, the trailers which have been released in the last couple of years have provided some insights into some of the scenes of the movie and also inspired some really interesting “reenactment” works.

In September 2019, we reported about a YouTube video showing the Top Gun 2 trailer recreated using the famous DCS World combat flight simulator. The clip was split into two parts: the first one showed the trailer recreated in DCS World except for the last few seconds, when the F-14 (in CGI) makes a cameo flying over snow-topped mountains; the second one, provided a scene-for-scene comparison too. As this Author commented after watching that DCS work, I enjoyed very much the very last scene of the trailer, the one that shows the somewhat mysterious F-14 Tomcat, as recreated with the commercial simulator, because, in my opinion it looked better in DCS World than it appears in the official trailer…

However, yesterday, another interesting trailer, this time done in LEGO bricks has been released. It took several months to Augustus Danko, aka Onbeatman on social networks, who produces LEGO animated works (have a look at his YT channel or Instragram feed for more), to recreate the “Top Gun: Maverick” trailer with bricks, one frame at a time. “This was created 100% independently out of my love for Top Gun, cinema, and LEGO”, Onbeatman says in the YouTube video description.

The animated trailer is really cool and the way stop-motion is combined with CGI is amazing.

There’s everything you can find in the original trailer: the cockpit scenes, the aerial combat segments, the mysterious F-14 as well as the missing man formation and the aircraft carrier’s blue water ops scenes.

H/T to our friend Isaac Alexander @jetcitystar for the heads-up!

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