Stabilized 360-degree Camera Shows What Life in a French Navy Rafale M Flying At 500 Knots and 100 Feet Looks Like

A screenshot from the Chasse Embarquée video posted on Youtube.

Dassault Rafale M jets, flying low level, performing buddy-refueling, ACM (Air Combat Maneuvering) and buzzing cargo ships off the Breton coast.

Chasse Embarquée knows how to amaze aviation enthusiasts: the media team behind the French Navy Naval Aviation units’ social media accounts regularly post stunning images and footage filmed aboard Dassault Rafale M jets of the Flottilles (Squadrons) 11F, 12F, 17F based at Landivisiau, in northwestern France, near Brest.

The one you can find below is one of the latest clips they have produced and released. It shows the “omnirole” Rafales of the Aéronautique Navale during their training over the sea as they perform carrier launches, or engage one another in mock dogfights, or simply while conducting formation flying, aerobatics or buddy refueling operations.

Some of the most awesome scenes show the jets flying as low as 100 feet over the sea and “buzz” some pretty big cargo ships encountered in the Atlantic Ocean. “You will be able to follow us during flights 100 feet sea as well as air combat. We want to insist on a point that we find essential and that it is important to remember: a video is made to maximize the work during our different flights, this is the purpose of a video clip. Our missions are demanding and require discipline and discipline of every moment. Please note that the proximity of the boat crossings is accentuated by the camera,” says the official FB account of the Chasse Embarqué.


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