Belgian C-130 Makes an Emergency Landing at the Wrocław Airport in Poland

Photo depicts the emergency landing of the C-130 at the airport in Wrocław. (Image Credit: Jarosław Wolski)

Belgian C-130 taking part in NATO training activities made an emergency landing at the Wrocław airport in southern Poland.

According to RMF FM, a Belgian Air Component C-130 was forced to make an emergency landing at the airport in Wrocław on Jun. 18, 2019. Seven fire engines were deployed at the airport to secure the procedure. The rumors suggest that the Belgian airlifter suffered from an engine failure; the image posted above, taken by Jarosław Wolski and showing the emergency landing of the C-130 at the airport in Wrocław, seems to suggest all the engines were working during final approach. outlet reports that the landing did not have any impact whatsoever on the civil operations undertaken at the airport.

The Belgian aircraft are involved in a NATO exercise aimed at reinforcing the interoperability on the eastern flank. Currently NATO is conducting numerous operations in Poland. The country is being considered to become a strategic point at the NATO’s eastern border. The symptoms for that include both political declarations, as well as actual activities, for instance aimed at expanding the logistical infrastructure in Poland, for instance at the Powidz AB.

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