Robinson R44 Helicopter With Gyro Stabilized Camera System Films Luke AFB F-35A Flyover

The formation of four F-35s doing the Fiesta Bowl Parade 2018. (Image credit: Chopperguy).

Here’s a pretty cool aerial clip of F-35s from Luke Air Force Base doing the traditional Fiesta Bowl Parade flyover.

The clip in this post was taken on Dec. 29, 2018, during the Fiesta Bowl Parade in Phoenix, as a formation of four F-35A jets, belonging to the 56th Fighter Wing, from Luke Air Force base, Arizona, performed the traditional flyover.

The flyover of four Lightning II jets was filmed from a quite privileged viewpoint: Chopperguy’s Robinson R44 Newscopter, able to record and live stream 8K to High Definition aerial video with a gyro stabilized camera system.

This year’s flyover was carried out by the 61th FS “Top Dogs” of the 56th FW: along with the 62nd and 63rd Fighter Squadrons, the 61th trains an international cadre of F-35 pilots. In particular, the “Top Dogs”, was Luke AFB’s first squadron to fly the F-35A; its first Lightning II arrived at Luke AFB on Mar. 10, 2014, and an official unveiling ceremony was held on Mar. 14, 2014.

Chopperguy team has filmed some really interesting stuff from their R44 helo including the aerial footage of F-35 Lightning II Strike Fighter jets taking off from Luke Air Force Base and flying over the Fiesta Bowl Parade near Phoenix, Arizona, and the Arizona State Capitol flyover by two F-35s and two F-16s carried out as part of the ceremony honoring the 100th Anniversary of the Final Flight of Lt. Frank Luke Jr. in September 2018.


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