This Video Shows A Russian Su-30SM Almost Getting “Into” The Cargo Bay Of An Il-76 Airlifter Involved In Air Drop Over Syria

An armed Russian Su-30SM gets much close to a UN Il-76 over Deir Ez Zor, Syria.

The video in this post was reportedly filmed during a mission over Deir Ez Zor, Syria.

It shows an armed Russian Air Force Su-30SM jet, escorting an Il-76 involved in an air-drop from high altitude, getting much close to the cargo bay of the airlifter after the pallets are dropped.

We don’t know when the footage was shot. However, it must have been filmed during one of the +250 UN agency World Food Program’s airdrops of humanitarian aid to Syrians: indeed, starting from Feb. 24, 2016 to September 2017, WFP has conducted air-drops in the Deir Ez Zor area, using an Il-76, to deliver vital food and humanitarian suppliesto trapped families in the besieged city in northeastern Syria.

A screenshot from the Russian TV showing the Il-76 escorted by a Russian Su-35 during the first air-drop in 2016.

Flying from Amman, Jordan, a white-colored Il-76 with UN markings (RA-76780) flew to the airdrop area escorted by Russian Air Force aircraft deployed to Hmeymim airbase, including the Su-35S, and the Su-30SM shown in the video.

The UN aircraft could be tracked online using ADS-B on during these missions.

The Su-30SM is a multirole derivative of the Su-27 Flanker. It’s a special variant of the thrust-vectoring Su-30MKI and MKM produced by the Irkut Corporation for the Russian Air Force. It’s a 4+ Generation twin-engine, two seat supermaneuverable multi-role aircraft equipped with improved avionics, the Bars-R radar and a wide-angle HUD (Head Up Display).

H/T Vladimir Konovalov and Trevor Siders for the heads-up

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  1. Clearly, you didn’t see the IAF debrief on the Indian Flanker performance at Red Flag. India N, USAF 0 or close. If I remember right.
    Same against the RAF.
    It’s called PR. ALL sides practice it. Especially effective when you are saying what your audience wants to hear.

    The only time the military will claim inferiority, is when they want money for new toys.

  2. he only checking the Candid for finished dumping all cargo, take pictures for report and go .. why you all making like an a ….

  3. “Among the observers who had front row seats to the dogfights was

    senior Indian journalist Vishnu Som. According to him, contrary to the picture painted by Fornof, the IAF and its
    Sukhois more than made a mark during their stint in the United States. “For starters not a single Su-30MKI fighter was shot down in close air combat
    missions at Mountain Home AFB. In fact, none of the Sukhois were even close to
    being shot down in the 10-odd one on one sorties which were planned for the
    first two days of the exercises at Mountain Home. These one on one engagements
    featured USAF jets such as the F-15 and F-16 in close air engagements against
    the Su-30MKI. The majority of the kills claimed in these engagements were
    granted to the IAF with the remainder of these being no-results.”

    Som adds by the time the exercises at Mountain Home had matured the
    IAF had graduated to large formation exercises which featured dozens of jets in
    the sky. In one of these exercises, the blue forces, of which the IAF was a part, shot down more than 21 of the enemy jets. Most of these `kills’ have been credited to the IAF.”

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