Watch A Russian Ka-52 Gunship Helicopter Accidentally Fire Rockets At Spectators During Exercise

Sep 19 2017 - 60 Comments

Close call: This Is What It Looks Like When An Attack Helicopter Fires At You.

The following video is pretty scary: it shows a Ka-52 Alligator attack helicopter accidentally firing rockets towards parked cars and bystanders.

The Kamov Ka-52 Alligator is an all-weather attack helicopter featuring the distinctive coaxial rotor system of the Kamov design bureau. The footage shows two such gunship helicopters approaching what is probably a range, where a group of several cars is parked. Then, suddenly, one of the helicopters fires a rocket at a nearby object almost hitting the cameraman.

According to some sources, the clip, that leaked online on Sept. 19, was allegedly filmed during the ongoing Zapad 2017 drills; however the Russian military denied the claims that spread through the social media and, while not saying when and where it happened, it said the incident happened during another exercise.

“All the reports on social media about a barrage of rockets hitting a crowd of journalist and a large number of casualties are either a deliberate provocation or someone’s personal stupidity,” an official statement reported by RT said.

A public intelligence source cites one of the missiles on the KA-52 as being the Vikhr anti-armor missile and reports that the missiles are, “Virtually jam-proof and the system features automatic guidance to target.” The Kamov KA-52 also carries unguided High Velocity Aircraft Rockets (HVAR’s) of both the S-13 122mm rocket and the smaller S-8 80mm rocket both launched from multiple-round rocket pods. It is not known which munition was discharged in this incident.

The Vikhr anti-armor missile. (Credit:

H/T Dawid Szczesniak for the heads-up


  • Ilya Kurenkov

    Shooting range with no civilians on it.. still resemblance is quite obvious, isn’t it?

    • An actual accident that improved safety measures on carriers vs a happy go-lucky pilot with the safety off.

  • juretrn

    Russia stronk!

  • Ilya Kurenkov

    Sorry, but you’ve lost track of the discussion in this thread.

  • юрий волков
  • interesting, apparetly you completely forgot about the hospitals Russia bombed in Syria too. And it wasn’t even that long ago!

    And this is from a source that pretty much has an epic crush on Russia.

  • We need evidence that it is US funded.

  • Interesting that the video claims it is a missile,while it an actual torpedo. What looks like is a pressure malfunction.

  • Black Eagle

    You are probably not completely sane if you think these landmines were intended for Afghan children. The design of the mine has nothing to do with pretending to be a toy, but it has a lot to do with a fact that it was designed to be primarily air dropped, that’s why it looks like a butterfly. Still it’s sad that some children mistaken this thing for a toy.

  • Black Eagle

    Still prove nothing about that these were intended for Afghan children. When media called them “booby-trap toys” doesn’t mean it’s really like that. Btw, do you know what inspired Soviets to create this landmine? American BLU-43 Dragontooth that was massively used during the Vietnam War.

  • Cleetus Vandamme

    There was the case of an Air National Guard F-16 that managed to strafe an elementary school. Accidents happen. It is foolish to think any organization is immune to such incidents.

  • DDT was still widely used for farming back then. And here’s the evidence that made the agent orange the evil today. It was a cross contamination with TCDD.

  • The personnel loses on the Soviets was mostly due to incompetence and stupid laws. Russia, sorry, Soviets, even needed equipment fromAmerica to fight the Germans.

    The Eastern Front also received even less of the German wonder weapons, or none at all. The non-fascist fighting side had to endure all of it. But that war was only won because America joined in. I doubt the Russians could even have survived it long if the entire German army was focused on the russians.

    • Black Eagle

      U.S. decided by itself to provide military aid rather than fight, Soviets didn’t ask for it but every help was welcomed in that time. Still it doesn’t mean that Soviets were depended on it. West would have no chance to survive if Hitler wouldn’t decide invade the Soviet Union and would rather focused full military strength on the Western Front. Say whatever you wan’t but the fact remains without Red Army, Europe would be totally lost and destroyed by Nazis, and after Europe another target in the row would became the United States. Nazi Germany was the most advanced side of the WWII, they were ahead in every aspect but the Red Army simply overwhelmed them by the number of troops and equipment that the USSR was able to deploy. You can’t fool the history.

  • Yeah, like that actually happens in real life.

    I mean, the russian rockets are so amazing they have some sort of auto-guidance system that seeks the target. /s

    • Black Eagle

      It is just a machine, it can happen to any side no matter if it is the Ka-52 or the AH-64. There are just two explanations of what happened, either it was a mistake of the gunman or a malfunction of the system itself. You don’t have to wasting time with searching for another explanation because there is no another explanation.

  • Tawse

    Anyone know what happened to the guy walking towards the vehicle?

    The later aftermath video shows a credit card lying on the ground so did the guy live?

  • Black Eagle

    They maybe didn’t know about what diseases it will cause to the Vietnamese people but the fact remains they knew it is a high toxical thing that will cause disaster to the environment. Also, they were spraying it over 10 years, do you want to tell me that during this period they didn’t see impact of this to the people? That’s hardly believable.

    Chernobyl is nowhere similar to spraying of the Agent Orange in any way. You want to claim they purposely blown up the reactor, contaminated the area and then started cleaning the consequences of it? You probably had to forget on the Three Mile Island accident or Fukushima Daiichi disaster.

  • Black Eagle

    I wrote they knew it was toxic because it was meant to be toxic to destroy Vietnamese jungles and help to better find Vietnamese troops. What don’t you understand on it?

    Your argument is the only crap here, likely because of lack of credible informations. Chernobyl disaster has nothing with something was purposely built wrong or with communism as a whole, you just simply ignoring the fact that nuclear accidents can happen also in countries where was no communism at all. When we already talk about the nuclear technology then USSR was the world class in it, and Russia still remains one of the best in this field. Let’s not forget who built the first nuclear power plant intended for production of commercial electricity or who built the first nuclear-powered ship in the world.

    • Because you are confusing between an unknown with a known fact.
      America did not know it would harm humans, so much so that America even used it in their own farming. Curiously, the entire world did before we, humans, found out that making DDT could create another component.

      You are trying to judge people in the past with what we know today. This is a logical fallacy. I’ve quoted an entire peer-reviewed journal to explain it to you. If that is not enough, then maybe state propaganda RT news or Sputnik is the only thing you will accept.

      Remember, russia may have rushed and built the first, but didn’t take long for the west to do it, in mere two years. Remember, the first reactor was actually American, called Chicago Pile.

      Lastly, just because Russians are good at something, doesn’t mean they build anything with quality. Hey, lets face it, save for very few examples, what does Russia excel at? What did communism bring to any country that implemented it? Besides famine, misery and genocide?

      • Black Eagle

        Fact the Agent Orange (that one intended for Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia) was meant to be toxic to cause enviromental disaster is not unknown, logically something like this couldn’t have good effect on people who were living in the areas where it was sprayed. 10 years was also quite enough of time to realize the consequences of this, but quess what they keep spraying it again and again. Frankly, I don’t believe they were so stupid to not know it can harm also human beings but apparently for you it is something new you can’t accept and keep trying to defend it because in America it was used for farming, surely U.S. Army wanted just help Vietnamese farmers, probably to have better rice crop.

        Remember that Chicago Pile was part of the Manhattan Project, project that helped Americans create first atomic bombs which they later dropped on the Japanese cities and killed thousands of civilians, completely unnecessary. While the first nuclear reactors in the USSR were purely for peacetime use, the Obninsk Nuclear Power Plant and nuclear icebreaker Lenin.

        “Lastly, just because Russians are good at something, doesn’t mean they build anything with quality.”

        So when they are good in something it doesn’t mean they are building it with quality? Looks like you are not aware of what are you talking about, because this actually contradicts to what you say.

        Typically, people who didn’t even experienced the communism or didn’t even lived in a country that was part of the USSR before, trying to act like they know a sh*t about how the life went in those countries. Private industry, strong agriculture, benefits in form of flats and houses for free (or just for a fraction of the cost than in nowadays) or yearly vacations for free is just a small example of what was typical in most of the USSR states, not to mention every member state had its own and strong army. Compared to what membership in European Union and what post-Soviet, corrupt governments made in former Soviet states, this is what famine and misery look like. Completely lunatic Brusel policy is destroying the whole EU from inside, they don’t see their stupid islamization (which 90% of Europeans don’t like) with radical islamists connected to IS is like a Trojan horse that everyday costs lives of innocents but yeah, let’s rather sanction and call Russia global threat even when no innocent Europeans, Americans or whoever died due to some Russian aggression in last decades. Sure this must be your idea of an ideal world.

        • Yep,m now you got me beat, you quoted global research. No source better than this, nope, none, nothing!

          Thanks for quoting a source that believes the holocaust never happened, that science is evil, and widely quoted by a bunch of conspiracy theorists, including those who think contrails, are in fact “chemtrails”

          Now lets talk about quality, with the first nuclear submarine being American, and the quality.

          How many subs did the US lose? 2, how many subs did Russia lose due to their quality control or reactor problems? 22!

          Why don’t we ask the Polish, Czechs, Latvians, Estonians, East Germans how wonderful it was living under communism? Why not North Koreaans?

          Why don’t we ask Ukranians, and Crimea? Why not the Malaysian flight passengers? Why not the millions of deaths due to genocide that managed to kill more than the Nazi regime?

          Don’t try to change the subject to islamisation, because you are losing the debate. I don’t like Islam, I don’t like what they are doing in Europe, I don’t like that idiots are empowering them, but that doesn’t change the problems Russia and the Soviet union did.

  • global research even placed enemy combatants as casualties, and proxy. Even when America gave a better system than full on communism! Chile would have been a Cuba or North Korea if it had fallen to communism.

    Even blaming soviet failures on America. This is why no one takes globalresearch seriously. But if you do, I have a nice bottle spray that blocks the harmful effects of chemtrails. I’m selling it for $100, no refunds!

    So,this is why I’m not even bothering anymore. Also, state propaganda is somehow more trustworthy than Clinton News Network? I’ll rather trust CNN and FOX than RT, Sputnik and Pravda!

    When you provide an actual peer-reviewed journal to your claims, I will take you seriously. Otherwise, keep writing wall of texts to see if you can win by exhaustion alone.

    I counted all submarines who had a nuclear reactor, either by accidents caused by the nuclear reactor or by the submarine’s design. Interestingly, you didn’t even count the K-429! There are quite a few with nuclear reactor failures that killed a lot of people. Safety, not a soviet concern! Then again, the Soviet doctrine was always quantity over quality, not even bothering about the lives of their soldiers.

    And the Russian subs were not even technologically on par with the western subs.

    Now you are counting post WWII Russian subs after 1950’s, whilst the K-Class were also commissioned after WII.

    Interesting, you are now denying the genocide of Soviet union, and how these people actually hate Russia/Soviet Union for what they did to them? Heck, you will find Warsaw Pact countries are more anti-Russia and anti-Communism than the west itself. Poland completely abhors Russia, Latvia, Estonia and others are begging for NATO support on their borders because they are afraid of falling to Russian hands again. We know Russia loves to invade and claim land for themselves. We can even see communism from space in Europe! Parts of Berlin still has those old gas operate lamps, that Soviet Union had no money to properly replace them throughout the years. Great Purge, Red Terror, Great purge in Mongolia, Millions killed in China due to communism, just go here and enjoy your communist paradise:

    And now, not only did you move the goal posts from Agent Orange, now you are purposefully misdirecting and moving to other subjects. Just get me a peer-reviewed paper with proper science being done to prove your points and you can claim victory.

    We know Russia did it, satellite images, Ukraine for not even having anything similar in the Area, Russia shooting down other Ukrainian aircraft, the picture of the SAM being carried away. And because this will justify even further land grab from Russia.

    FYI: Interesting how antifa and the regressive left uses the same “nazi” excuse Russia does to invade Ukraine to beat other people