Here Is Japan’s First V-22: The First Osprey Tilt-Rotor Aircraft For A Military Outside Of The U.S.

Aug 26 2017 - 12 Comments

The First V-22 For Japan Exposed By Photograph Taken At Amarillo During Engine Tests.

The first of 17 V-22 Osprey tilt-rotor aircraft for the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force is about to perform its maiden flight from Bell Helicopter Amarillo Assembly Center, Texas.

The photo above, showing the first Japanese V-22, the very first Osprey for a military outside of the U.S., was taken at Amarillo by Paul Lawrence Braymen on Aug. 24, 2017, as the tilt-rotor aircraft, sporting Japan’s camouflage and roundel, performed engine tests ahead of the first flight (expected next week).

The JGSDF will receive the V-22B Block C variant, the same in service with the U.S. Marine Corps as MV-22.

The Osprey will undertake humanitarian and disaster relief capabilities and support amphibious operations increasing also the interoperability with the U.S. forces (both USMC and USAF) which operate the aircraft.

The sale of 17 V-22 Osprey and associated equipment for the JGSDF, split in various orders and worth 3B USD, was eventually announced in 2015 in spite of the criticism that has always surrounded the type’s presence in the skies over Okinawa caused by concerns that the tilt-rotor hybrid aircraft might be prone to crashes.

Image credit: Paul Lawrence Braymen


  • leroy

    Beautiful. Absolutely beautiful! And more proof of U.S. superiority.

  • Paul Rain

    Beautiful. Japan will now be able to aid in rooftop gardening efforts in areas where they are providing humanitarian aid, by generating enormous dust clouds they can’t see through wherever they land.

    • mrsatyre

      I guess you’ve never heard of thermal imaging, or looking at your LZ before you actually attempt to land on it, or the simple fact that not all landings are performed in deserts.

    • RedStatePatriot

      I suppose you think traditional helicopters they would be in otherwise don’t make dust clouds, huh? Wow, you sure are smart.

  • rychastings

    now american airmen wont be the only ones losing their lives in this tin deathtrap…

    • mrsatyre

      As opposed to every other helicopter design which crash regularly? Blackhawk, anyone?

    • Kim Chul Soo

      We should give all of these aircraft to Japan.

    • Kevin Kennerly

      It’s almost completely composite. Not a whole lot of tin here guy.

  • Tawse

    A certain specialist UK unit has been flying Ospreys for some time – unofficially.

    They are reguarly seen near a certain base and occasionally show up on flightradar.

  • Nied

    That is a really beautiful paint scheme.

  • Voice_of_Reason

    Uh oh. The Japanese will now replicate the Osprey and make it smaller but more reliable….