Check Out This Outstanding Slow Motion Footage of the Japanese F-15 Aggressors

Marvelous footage of the JASDF F-15DJs at work at Hyakuri.

Last January we posted a really cool video of the last Japan Air Self Defense Force F-4E Phantom jets belonging to the 301 and 302 Hilotai, filmed at Hyakuri Air Base, in central eastern Japan.

This new video from 1-300 contains footage of the colorful JASDF Eagles during take-off, landing and taxi operations at Hyakuri. And, above all, most of the action is shown in slow motion.

The aircraft belong to the Hiko Kyodogun (Aggressor Group), the Japan Air Self Defence Force’s adversary squadron that provides air combat training for most of the other combat units. The Hiko Kyodogun operates a mix of single seat Mitsubishi F-15J and two-seat F-15DJ Eagle jets, along with some Kawasaki T-4 trainers.

What makes these Eagles so cool, is the variety of color scheme applied to the F-15s: most of the Japanese Aggressors sport colored and pretty unique camouflage schemes that, unlike the famous U.S. aggressors, are not based on the liveries worn by combat aircraft operated by potential enemy nations.

According to the Scramble database, the Japanese aggressors moved from Nyutabaru to Komatsu on Jun. 6, 2016. However some of the F-15s are often deployed to air bases around the country in order to assist in the training of the regular squadrons.  As already mentioned, in this case the F-15J and DJs were filmed at Hyakuri.

2017 AGGRESSOR at HYAKURI AIR BASE from 1-300 on Vimeo.

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