[Photo] Croatian MiG-21 experiencing engine fire moments before crashing

Impressive photo shows Croatian Air Force Mig-21 about to crash following engine failure.

On Aug. 5, 2014, at around 2:47 PM LT, a Croatian Air Force Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21 Fishbed “121” crashed in an uninhabited the area at ​​Donja Lomnica near Velika Gorica, Croatia.

According to the Croatian MoD, the aircraft was returning from a mission when it suffered an engine fire as well as a landing gear problem.

Fortunately, the pilot managed to eject safely from the plane.

The MiG-21 lost on Aug. 5,  was not one of the 12 Fishbeds overhauled in Ukraine and stuck there until a few weeks ago, following Russia’s annexation of Crimea.

In this post you can find one of the photos of the incident, published by the Croatian media outlet VGDanas.

Image credit: VGDanas

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  1. All our MiGs are over 30 years old. There was a discussion whether should we buy F-18s or Grippens but nothing happened. Accidents like this happen all the time.

    • The MiG-21 is outdated, no doubt. Sadly, I guess because of the economic climate in Europe at this time it will be a while before they get replaced, huh?
      I would most definitely go Swedish, though – don’t make yourself a slave to the US Military – Industrial Complex. Those guys suck.

    • Dear Tin – Your AF has a strong history. I can understand the MiG-21 having issues at this point, the Indian Air Force has had a similar experience. Along with F-18 and Gripen, both of which are fine choices, there is also the possibility of F-16, which you guys should also consider. If the US won’t make some move to offer incentives to get you guys newer airplanes, our administration would be nuts, it is a huge mutual benefit to Croatia and the USA to do this, especially with some folks in Eastern Europe jittery about Russia.

  2. VGdanas is Croatian, not Hungarian media outlet. VG in its name stands for Velika Gorica (name of the city) and “danas” means “today..

  3. I am happy the pilot is safe. Well built ejection seat. My 1966 Buick does this backfiring trick. This guy needs to clearly adjust the carb.

  4. Glad the pilot is ok, aircraft can be replaced. It is a shame that Croatian economy is in such a bad shape that they are still forced to fly these old jets. Even the overhauled ones are having issues.

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