U.S. Fifth Fleet vs Iran Navy update: American supercarrier monitored with…binoculars.

Dec 29 2011 - 23 Comments

Here’s an update to my previous post titled “U.S. supercarrier detected by an Iranian spyplane near the Strait of Hormuz”. Trivial as that could be the last thing that plane will ever detect.

Russia Today has published the alleged video taken by an Iranian maritime surveillance plane of a U.S. supercarrier near the Strait of Hormuz.

Although it is extremely difficult to determine when the video was filmed, it shows the USS Stennis: if you see the video in full screen HD mode you’ll get a glimpse on the “74” code on the flattop’s island that designates the USS Jonh C. Stennis (CVN-74).

As shown by the video, the Islamic Republic of Iran Navy Aviation (IRINA) plane gets near the aircraft carrier (whose deck is not as busy as I’d expect…) and one of the most advanced tool used by the crew members of the Fokker F-27 used for maritime patrol to monitor the ship is….a binocular.

Furthermore, the IRNA news agency has published an interesting picture of the “Saeghe” (Thunder) an indigenously modified version of the American F-5 Tiger, whose twin tails and blue colour are loosely reminiscent of the Blue Angels’ F-18s Hornet, carrying two MK-82 Snakeye (?) dumb bombs.

According to the IRNA: “The combat jets bombed the sea areas after processing the data delivered by stealth reconnaissance aircraft.”

Which one?

  • Andy

    The video was taken from an F-27 Fokker, not the P-3 Orion. It all looks pretty normal to me.

    • Yes, the position of the windshield mounts is the one of the Fokker F-27, fixed it, thanks.

  • Apparently Iran never got the Memo about “Sleeping Giant” I am a former sailor of the Stennis and we are hard trained for a tangle with Iran and North Korea. This isn’t the first time Iran has been stupid. 2004 and 2006.. Yeah I remember 1988 too. “Praying Mantis”

  • We’ve got binoculars, and we won’t hesitate to use them…

    Jesus Christ.

    • aj


      but is it a lone carrier or a carrier strike group?

      • As far as I know a carrier deploys alongside the rest of her strike group (once “battle group”).

  • Sometimes it’s reasonable to allow the adversary to get a quick peek at what they are facing. One time.

  • bjoern holst jespersen

    I found this article about the modified jets:


    Still to alter the tail like that seems really strange(?)

  • iskandar

    The picture of the two blue/yellow jets has been severely manipulated, in a very poor way. Granularity changes over the image, indicating poor image modifications. There is only one such plane, the other is a CC. I hope that this is indicative of the Iranian’s other “superior” cyber skills…. ;)))

    • iskandar

      Please find attached the image which results when the two planes are subtracted from each other. I doubt that any pilot can fly this accurate;))

      Moderator: how do I submit images?

      • bjoern holst jespersen

        A way to post images here is to upload your image to an image server (could be twitpic) and then post the link here.

        …and I’m curious!

      • Two ways: you send it to me via email and I upload it or you upload it to photobucket, twitpic and similar picture hosting website and post here the link.
        Let me know

        • iskandar

          Dear David,
          working on resolving this. Images will be available as soon as I have acces to an image server. Lots of info to show then!


  • iskandar

    This is so junk image manipulation. My kid of 3 could have done a better job. There is only one such plane/pilot. This is 80ths years garbage/junk.


    Iranians, we are not that dumb!

  • iskandar

    The Iranians are doing a Great Prophet again. They never seem to learn. How stupid can one be?

  • Stephen

    IRNA Stealth Reconnaissance is when they turn the engine off that is closest to their target……

  • FX

    “This is so junk image manipulation”

    Why would they need to manipulate the image. Its not like they are in a very tight formation or anything, there’s at least a few meters between them.

    The Blue Angels frequently come with a foot or two of each other in their displays.

  • Here’s the detailed analysis that Iskandar has made on the images. To be honest, for a series of reasons, I believe that it is not a fake, however I’ll let you judge by yourself.
    Here’s the workflow he has followed:

    “I used ImageJ, to extract each plane to new file. Subsequently I have made a difference image using the Image calculation, which is under process tab. The resulting image has been improved for brightness and contrast by the Enhance contrast with Equalize histogram enabled. The resulting picture shows the combined differences (both way comparison) with the local high frequency bit edits, the smooths that are applied and the almost perfect alignment of the two planes, which is to my opinion not possible when these are two planes.”


    • bjoern holst jespersen


      One thing that bugs me about this possibility is that I was under the impression that the picture with the two planes were taken from a video.

      If that is the case(?) then I don’t suppose the idea of such an amount of manipulations will hold up.

    • That kind of thinking shows you’re an expret

  • Larry

    enhanced or not, let an Aegis system simply destroy them.

  • Bobbo

    Btw, I know a pilot that was on the Stennis during this incident…he said what don’t see in the video are the dozen or so F-18s flying above the Iranian plane.

  • adgad

    :)) funny one bobbo