40 years of the 5° Gruppo Elicotteri – Sarzana Luni – 30.10.09

On Sunday Oct.  30, 2009, Sarzana Luni airport hosted an interesting event to celebrate the 40 years of the 5° Gruppo Elicotteri of the Marina Militare (Italian Navy, ItNy). The event was attended by a few hundred visitors that found an interesting static display and no fences around the aircraft. Among the most interesting aircraft displayed at Luni, there were a high-visibility EH-101 (MMX605/PP6) and an NH-90 in Dutch Navy markings (CSX81697/N-088). Matteo Marianeschi was there and took the following pictures of both the local based helicopters and visitors.

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  1. Hi David,

    I will be in Italy in the First two week of May 2010,

    Do you know if they are having an Airshow in Rome for 2010

    I enjoyed your web site and your photos Great Work.

    I am a Private Pilot based in New Zealand very keen on Aircraft and Warbirds.



    • Hi Martin, I don’t know now if there will be any airshow in Rome for 2010. For sure, a big airshow will be held in Italy, at Rivolto airbase in NE Italy, in September for the 50th Anniversary of the Frecce Tricolori, Italian Air Force display team.

      Best Regards, David

  2. Hello,
    I particularly liked this contribution,
    as it brings back memories of italian holidays,
    when the family drove down from Lunigiana to Marinella di Sarzana. As an aicraft-loving youngster I always tried to catch a glimpse of these exotic Huey-relatives, when we drove passed the airbase, on our “final approach” to the beach.
    With a bit of luck, durin the day, one of them would make a flyby, much to the joy of the aerophile beachdwellers.

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