MM6507 – new update

There’s a lot of interest about the fate of the MM6507 that was (apparently) being restored at Grazzanise (read also these posts and
Someone initially pointed to the F-104 pole mounted in Istrana with code 51-21 as the MM6507 seen at Grazzanise, however, when I visited Grazzanise for the last time on Apr 26, I saw the aircraft among the others in the famous scrapyard next to the GEA hangar. The preserved grey 51-21 that was erected in the centre of Istrana (town), was identified by the IFS (International F-104 Society) as MM6552.
Here are a few pictures I took in Grazzanise on Apr 26. Among the others (on the right) you can notice the camouflaged tail of the MM6507 with the characteristic 22 Gruppo/51 Stormo bagdes.

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