1. Mitico!
    bellissimo report della “Lost location”…
    questa primavera mi son guardato la 3°serie (l’ultima finora, per la 4° aspettiamo il 2008) ed e’ davvero avvincente!

  2. I feel your calculations are probably accurate but the canon of the show now suggests the plane is in the Java Trench. I really don’t understand how that could be as the fore section of the plane would have literally floated god knows how many miles to that trench. My Australian geography my be off but Sydneys on the eastern coast correct, so according to the show why would the plane fly north-west to go north-east. Your probably right and they are somewhere near Fiji but it does bother me that according to the Season 4, Episode 2; the remains of the plane are in completely the wrong spot.

  3. I do agree with you: I have seen the S4 E2 and the Find 815 story but I still believe that the Java Trench can’t be the crash location. It is unreasonable. But, it is also strange that the aircraft as seen from the submarine in the episode is almost intact while in the Season 3 the B.777 broke apart overflying the island. The front section and the tail landed in different location of the island. Maybe there’s some kind of explaination that will be unveiled before the end of the season (or before the end of the fiction).

  4. Simply this is a fake plane. The body of the captain has been recognised by Frank Lapidus as a fake one. For some reasons, someone want’s to keep the island undiscovered

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