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Ukrainian Mig-29 Fulcrum (in display team livery) performs low pass over pro-Russia separatists

Mig-29 Ukrainian display team

Ukrainian Air Force once again active in the eastern Russian-speaking part of the country. With Mig-29 Fulcrum aircraft still wearing the national display team color scheme.

A weird show of force was performed by the Ukrainian Air Force over Kramatorsk on Apr. 16: a fully armed Mig-29 Fulcrum overflew pro-Russia separatist blocking rails at very low altitude. But, interestingly, the aircraft sported a high-visibility, white, yellow and light blue livery: the one of the Ukrainian Falcons, the UkAF aerobatic display team.

Here’s a video of the improvised “airshow”:


On Apr. 15, the unconfirmed news that a Ukrainian Su-27 supporting a special operation in Kramatorsk was shot down circulated for some hours.

Mig-29 Ukrainian display team 2

Image credit: Reuters


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Video shows what is it like being on the receiving end of a Mig-29 Fulcrum’s gun

Mig-29 gun

If you see a Mig-29 Fulcrum maneuvering towards you at low altitude, you better run away.

Filmed somewhere is Syria by someone who probably survived the attack, the following footage shows a Syrian Arab Air Force Mig-29 Fulcrum perform a strafing pass on rebel positions, as seen from the target’s point of view.

Since October 2013, Assad’s Fulcrums have become increasingly active against Free Syrian Army forces.


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Video shows Russian Su-27 Flanker and Belarusian Mig-29 Fulcrum jets during air defense training

Belarus Mig-29

Cool footage shows Belarus and Russia’s warplanes intercept and escort an Antonov An-26 transport plane.

As explained last week, Russia deployed six Sukhoi-27 Flankers and three support transport planes to Bobruisk airfield in eastern Belarus to perform joint drills with local Belarusian Air Force Mig-29s.

The Russian deployment was a response to NATO’s deployment of 12 U.S. F-16 to Poland, and E-3 AWACS to Poland and Romania, in anticipation of last weekend’s referendum following which Crimea joined Russia.

The interesting video was filmed during an air defense exercise which involved the interception and escort of an Antonov An-26 cargo simulating an airspace violation.



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This is what happens when MiG-29 Fulcrum’s wheel brake anti-skid controls fail

Mig-29 braking failure

Anti-skid lockup on a Mig-29 documented by these stunning photos.

Taken at Kecskemet airbase in Hungary in 2003, when the Hungarian Air Force operated the Fulcrum fighter jets (later replaced by the SAAB Gripen), the following images shows a single-seat Mig-29 experiencing a wheel brake anti-skid controls lockup on landing.

As you can see, in spite of yawing to the left, the aircraft finished its landing run within the runway. As a consequence of the antiskid failure, there were burst/exploded tyres with subsequent damage to the wheel-rims.

Mig-29 wheelhub

This explains the importance of the anti-skid system and why some military aircraft have to check the antiskid activation and radio the check to the TWR before landing (the F-104 was one of those when it flew with the Italian Air Force).

Mig-29 nose wheel

Here’s a detail of a burst tyre of the main landing gear.

Mig-29 tyre

Image credit: Ret. Major VÁRI Gyula former Mig-29 pilot


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Russia and India extend BrahMos supersonic cruise missile partnership


India has signed a new contract with Russia that settles the cooperation regarding the BrahMos missile.

With the agreement signed in 1998, New Delhi and Moscow had initially agreed for a 15-year partnership, then extended up to February 2014 earlier this year.

With this new contract, the two countries will continue to work on project as long as needed.

Brahmos is an air-to-surface supersonic cruise missile able to achieve a top speed of Mach 2.8. The missile is to be a standard armament of the navy vessels and ground forces, and a submarine variant and aircraft variant are also being developed, with the latter being pitched for Su-30MKI fighters.

Comparable to an American JASSM, BrahMos is 3 tons in weight with a 300 kg warhead. Indian Flankers will only be able to carry a single missile.

Guidance system is inertial in the first stages of flight; later the precision is ensured by a radar or GPS/GLONASS guidance.

Range is about 300 km.

Testing is to begin next year.

A BrahMos-M miniaturized version is also being developed, and it is planned to enter service in 2017 at the earliest. The mini version is expected to weigh 1,500 kg and a Su-30 should be able to carry 2-3 of them.

The weapon is also to be integrated with the MiG-29s and Rafales.

Image Credit: defense-update.com

Jacek Siminski for TheAviationist

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