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Here’s how the Russian Air Force moved 28 aircraft to Syria (almost) undetected

Sep 23 2015
It’s not easy to move 28 aircraft and keep the deployment confidential.

Satellite imagery released in the last couple of days has exposed the presence of 28 Russian aircraft at al-Assad airfield, near Latakia, in western Syria.

The photographs taken from space ...

Latest imagery shows 28 Russian aircraft (12 Su-24s, 12 Su-25s and 4 Su-30s) on the ground at airbase in Syria

Sep 22 2015
Imagery taken on Sept. 21 shows 28 aircraft on the ground at Latakia airbase.

A satellite image has finally unveiled the whole Russian Air Force contingent made of 28 combat planes deployed to Syria: taken on Sept. 21, the photograph shows ...

New Satellite Image unveils an impressive line-up of 12 Russian Su-25 Frogfoot attack jets in Syria!

Sep 21 2015
A new impressive photo unveils a large presence of Su-25 attack planes at airbase near Latakia.

A new impressive satellite image has just been released.

It shows at least 12 Su-25 Frogfoot attack planes lined-up on the secondary runway at al-Assad airbase ...

An F-15 down the street: this video shows the odd way a fighter can be moved from its airbase

Sep 21 2015
This is something you don’t see every day.

On Aug. 30, 2015 a now retired F-15C was moved from Tyndall Air Force Base, Florida to its new destination in a very particular way. Transported by truck, the aircraft taxied down the ...

New video may show Russian Il-78 tanker escorted by Su-24 Fencer jets over Syria today

Sep 20 2015
Provided this video is true and taken in Syria today, it may suggest more Russian aircraft are being deployed to Latakia airfield.

The following video was allegedly filmed in Homs on Sept. 20.

Although the quality of the footage is quite scarce, ...

Here’s the formation set up to celebrate the six most legendary Italian training planes

Sep 20 2015
The 6-ship formation used callsign “Legend.”

As explained in our report on the event, one of the highlights of the Rivolto airshow was the “Legend” formation, made of six famous trainer aircraft in the history of the Aeronautica Militare (Italian Air ...

Military Aviation

Oct 06 2015
Finnish and Swedish aircraft take off and land on roads as part of the training. From Sep. 19 to 26 the Finnish Air Force conducte...
Oct 05 2015
It looks like a Sukhoi Su-30SM deployed to Syria has had a close encounter with Turkish Air Force F-16s past the Syria-Turkey bord...


Oct 07 2015
Mid-air with an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for a Polish F-16. According to the reports published by several Polish media outlets, on ...
Sep 02 2015
“This is not a one-time operating zone. We created an airspace arrangement that is enduring, so when we need to go back, it ...

Aviation Safety

Oct 07 2015
Mid-air with an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for a Polish F-16. According to the reports published by several Polish media outlets, on ...
Sep 30 2015
On Sep. 25, the venerable T-2 took its final flight at Naval Air Station Patuxent River, ending a 56-year career. Developed to be ...

Rogue States

Oct 06 2015
It has happened again….a Turkish Air Force F-16 was locked on by an “unidentified” Mig-29. As already reported, ...
Oct 06 2015
CBS News was given access to CENTCOM radar image showing U.S. and Russian planes not too far one another: yellow aircraft are Russ...

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