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All the key unanswered questions about the terrorist attacks on Paris

Nov 15 2015
After little more than 24 hours from the Friday night’s terror attacks in Paris let’s have a look at the known and unknown facts.

On Friday Nov. 13, starting at 21.20 local time (GMT +1), a series of coordinated terrorist attack ...

We went to Germany to meet the An-225 Mriya, the world’s largest airplane

Nov 14 2015
An-225 Mriya Stopped Over In Leipzig. And We Went There To Meet The Giant.

On Nov. 12, we visited Leipzig international airport, Germany, in order to have a closer look at the largest airplane in operational use: the Antonov An-225 Mriya.

Known ...

This Infographic Provides Lots of Details about Russia’s S-400 Advanced Air Defense Systems allegedly deployed to Syria

Nov 13 2015
S-400 Triumph explained.

Some photographs published by Russia’s Ministry of Defense seem to suggest Moscow has just deployed at least one S-400 missile battery to Latakia, to protect the Russian air contingent deployed there.

Although the reports that the next-generation anti-aircraft weapon ...

Ukrainian Su-25 buzzes female soldiers then performs a dangerous low level aileron roll

Nov 12 2015
Another crazy low pass.

Here’s another chapter in the Ukrainian Air Force low pass saga.

After the the Mig-29 overflying pro-Russia separatist blocking rails, an Ilyushin Il-76 buzzing some Su-25s and Frogfoots returning the favor while buzzing the tower, an Mi-17 helicopter ...

This Insane 360-degree video will bring you aboard a Blue Angels Hornet during an airshow

Nov 12 2015
Can you believe they can fly that close? Impressive.

The following video was filmed aboard Blue Angel 4,  in the “slot” position,  at the back right hand corner of the Angels’ diamond formation.

It was shot using USA TODAY’s specialized camera, designed ...

An F-16 launched a JSM (long-range strike missile for the F-35) for the first time over Utah last week

Nov 11 2015
Testing of the new missile for the F-35 continues. Last week, a Joint Strike Missile (JSM) was successfully launched at 22,000 feet from an Edwards Air Force Base F-16 over the Utah Test and Training Center during a missile flight test ...

Military Aviation

Nov 30 2015
Here’s why Wild Weasel missions were among the most dangerous sorties flown in Southeast Asia. During the Vietnam War the ma...
Nov 27 2015
Here’s the Russian version of the Su-24 shootdown. On Nov. 24, a Su-24M Fencer bomber was shot down by a TuAF F-16 near the ...


Oct 20 2015
This was just released by the Russian MoD. Russia’s MoD has just released a video showing a Sukhoi (Su-30SM) more or less &#...
Oct 16 2015
The Turkish Air Force has shot down an unidentified UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) over the Syria-Turkey border. Turkish Air Force...

Aviation Safety

Nov 16 2015
The risky business of being an adversary pilot. Dissimilar Air Combat Training (DACT) is one of the most important parts in the tr...
Nov 12 2015
Another crazy low pass. Here’s another chapter in the Ukrainian Air Force low pass saga. After the the Mig-29 overflying pro...

Rogue States

Nov 29 2015
Airspace violations are more frequent than one might believe. On Nov. 24, a Russian Air Force Su-24M that allegedly violated the T...
Nov 27 2015
The Turkish Air Force is no longer supporting the air war on ISIS. According to  Turkey’s Hurriyet newspaper, the Turkish Air F...

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