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“I was sitting on top of a flying A-6” The story of a lucky Intruder crew member who survived a partial ejection from a KA-6D

Aug 06 2014
This things happen once every some million flights.

The KA-6D was a tanker version of the A-6 attack aircraft obtained by converting existing Intruder airframes: radar and bombing equipment were removed and replaced with an internal hose-and-reel refueling package, with the drogue fairing ...

[Photo] Croatian Mig-21 experiencing engine fire moments before crashing

Aug 06 2014
Impressive photo shows Croatian Air Force Mig-21 about to crash following engine failure.

On Aug. 5, at around 2:47 PM LT, a Croatian Air Force Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21 Fishbed “121″ crashed in an uninhabited the area at ​​Donja Lomnica near Velika Gorica, ...

Israeli Hermes drone over Gaza with dorsal satellite antenna

Aug 05 2014
A new image coming from Gaza shows an Israeli Hermes UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) carrying two (still unknown) pods and dorsal antenna.

Taken over Gaza City on Aug. 3 by AP’s Dusan Vranic, the photo is not only extremely beautiful because ...

Ukrainian Mig-29 Fulcrum evacuated from Crimea, back to operational status

Aug 04 2014
Ukrainian Air Force combat planes stored in the peninsula were redeployed to airbases in mainland Ukraine when Crimea was invaded. Including a Mig-29 that is now back to flight status.

When Russian forces invaded Crimea Ukrainian Air Force aircraft deployed near ...

How the U.S. F-15s intercepted Russian Bear bombers in the GIUK Gap: tensions and hilarious moments above Iceland

Aug 04 2014
The tight gap between Greenland Iceland and the UK (“GIUK Gap”) was once the main “highway” used by Soviet bombers and maritime reconnaissance aircraft flying to Cuba, monitoring NATO maritime activities or simply probing local air defenses.

The mission to intercept ...

Ukrainian Soviet-era mini-space shuttle shaped drone captured by pro-Russia separatists

Aug 02 2014
An interesting reconnaissance drone was captured, almost intact, by the pro-Russia separatists in Ukraine.

Along with the Su-25, Su-27 and Mil Mi-24, the Ukrainian Air Force is operating its fleet of recently restored Soviet-era reconnaissance drones.

Among them, at least until Aug. ...

Military Aviation

Aug 22 2014
Some quite rare and interesting visitors at Stansted airport. Two Royal New Zealand Air Force T-6 Texan II aircraft, NZ1401/01 (N2...
Aug 21 2014
HQ video with RDAF F-16s low level over Greenland ice sheet. Here’s another interesting footage filmed with GoPro cameras of...


Aug 18 2014
With a series of tests conducted aboard USS Theodore Roosevelt the Navy’s unmanned X-47B drone demonstrated its ability to o...
Aug 05 2014
A new image coming from Gaza shows an Israeli Hermes UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) carrying two (still unknown) pods and dorsal an...

Aviation Safety

Aug 20 2014
Two Italian Air Force Tornado jets have crashed after colliding midair in central east Italy. While search of the four missing pil...
Aug 15 2014
Two NF-5s belonging to the Turkish aerobatics team, Turkish Stars, almost collided over Konya, during a display practice. Filmed i...

Rogue States

Aug 22 2014
A Chinese Su-27 Flanker flew within 50 feet of a U.S. Navy P-8A Poseidon anti-submarine warfare aircraft. It looks like not only ...
Aug 17 2014
Luhansk fighters have shot down another Ukrainian Air Force Mig-29 Fulcrum On Sunday Aug. 17, pro-Russia separatists have shot dow...

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