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[Photo] Five U-2 Spyplanes lined up in front of 9th RW hangar at Beale Air Force Base

Jan 07 2015
Actually, you can spot more than five U-2 Drangon Lady aircraft in this cool image

Beale Air Force Base, home of the 9th Reconnaissance Wing, north of Sacramento, hosts the last U.S. Air Force’s U-2 Dragon Lady spyplanes.

The image ...

GoPro footage of French Aircraft Carrier Flight Deck Operations

Jan 06 2015
Blue Water Ops. French style.

Few days ago we posted an interesting footage, filmed with GoPro cameras, showing launches and recoveries from the Catapult Topside Petty Officer point of view.

After reading our article, many readers pointed us to the video ...

Join a B-52 on a Linebacker II mission with this story about the Christmas bombing campaign over Hanoi

Jan 05 2015
The first of the many bombing sorties flew by the BUFFs during “The December Raids” conducted against North Vietnam Targets.

Even if the Boeing B-52 was born to be the mainstay of the U.S. Air Force nuclear deterrent, the Stratofortress saw ...

Here are some stunning pictures of a B-2 stealth bomber doing Rose Bowl Game flyover

Jan 04 2015
The 2015 Rose Bowl featured a B-2 stealth bomber flyover.

On Jan. 1, 2015, Rose Bowl college football bowl game played at the Rose Bowl stadium in Pasadena, California was opened by the flyover conducted by a B-2 Spirit with 509th ...

Airstrikes on ISIS: Night Flight Operations on USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier

Jan 03 2015
A look at the night flight ops of aircraft supporting Operation Inherent Resolve launched and recovered on USS Carl Vinson.

Carrier Air Wing 17 jets embarked on USS Carl Vinson have finished 2014 flight operations supporting Operation Inherent Resolve in Syria ...

U.S. raid to free Jordanian pilot captured by ISIS allegedly failed

Jan 02 2015
Take it with a grain of salt, but it looks like a special operation to free the Jordanian pilot captured by ISIS has failed.

According to unconfirmed reports, the U.S. launched a special operations mission to recover the Jordanian Air Force ...

Military Aviation

Jan 27 2015
So far, the Polish Air Force has not sent its F-16 on a single combat deployment beyond the Polish borders. Some of the journalist...
Jan 26 2015
F-35 aircraft from the 61st Fighter Squadron at Luke Air Force Base, Arizona have done their first flyover at the 2015 NFL Pro Bow...


Dec 13 2014
The video of the Orion crew module Exploration Flight Test 1 (EFT-1) as it descended through the atmosphere until splashdown into ...
Dec 04 2014
It’s not easy to launch a drone. Some of our readers may have seen it already. For all the others, here is a funny video fil...

Aviation Safety

Jan 26 2015
Interesting footage of a Cirrus ditching in the Pacific Ocean filmed by a U.S. Coast Guard C-130 Hercules. On Jan. 26, a Cirrus SR...
Jan 26 2015
Photos from Albacete airbase, in Spain, show fire on the flightline. According to the reports coming from Albacete airbase, home o...

Rogue States

Jan 24 2015
BRTTTTTTTTT….. The first 20 seconds of the following footage show an A-10 Thunderbolt, attacking ISIS positions near Mosul, ...
Jan 23 2015
A clip just released shows a close encounter over the Baltics between a Russian Flanker and a NATO P-3 Orion. The following footag...

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