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A-10s of the U.S. Air Force theater security package have deployed to Europe

Feb 11 2015
A-10 Thunderbolts are back in Europe

The U.S. Air Force has deployed 12 A-10 Thunderbolt attack planes and approximately 300 personnel to Spangdahlem airbase, in Germany, as part of a so-called TSP (theater security package) in support of Operation Atlantic Resolve.

The ...

U.S. F-22 EW-enabled sensor-rich stealth aircraft have escorted Jordanian F-16s during air strikes on ISIS

Feb 10 2015
U.S. F-22s and F-16CJs are being tasked with Jordanian F-16 escort missions in Syria.

Last week the Pentagon provided some details about the American support to the Jordanian air strikes in Syria that followed the burning alive of the pilot Maaz ...

Red Flag 15-1: Simulating Modern Warfare at Nellis Air Force Base

Feb 09 2015
Over the past 40 years the US Air Force-sponsored Red Flag exercise has established itself as the premier integrated air warfare exercise in the world.

The first of 2015’s 4 scheduled Red Flags is taking place at Nellis AFB from Jan. ...

UAE F-16s arrive in Jordan to support war on ISIS. Some of them don’t wear national markings

Feb 08 2015
Six UAE Air Force F-16s have arrived in Jordan.

Photographs showing of six United Arab Emirates Air Force F-16E/F Block 60 jets arriving at an airbase in Jordan were released by the Jordanian Armed Forces on Feb. 8.

The images depict the ...

Rafale and Super Etendard jets Launched and Recovered from French Nuclear Aircraft Carrier

Feb 08 2015
Footage from aboard aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle, cruising towards the Indian Ocean.

Before it crossed the Suez Canal on Jan. 26 the carrier battle group “Arromanches,” built around the nuclear-powered aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle, has conducted operations and exercises ...

The Russian Air Force has tested a strategic cargo plane in bomber role

Feb 06 2015
Russia has turned an Il-76 strategic cargo plane into bomber during recent trials

The Russian Air Force has conducted tests with an Il-76MD (NATO codename Candid) aircraft carrying  training bombs during trials organized in the Tver region, north of Moscow, Ilyushin ...

Military Aviation

Feb 27 2015
F-16IQ Block 52 Fighters shot in Arizona Iraq has taken delivery of the first of 36 ordered Lockheed Martin F-16 Block 52 jets des...
Feb 25 2015
Several years since it was eventually retired from the U.S. Navy, the Grumman F-14 Tomcat remains one of the most loved planes by...


Feb 16 2015
An Italian Air Force MQ-1C Predator A+ escorted the ships involved in the repatriation of Italian nationals from Libya. On Feb. 15...
Dec 13 2014
The video of the Orion crew module Exploration Flight Test 1 (EFT-1) as it descended through the atmosphere until splashdown into ...

Aviation Safety

Feb 04 2015
Shocking footage shows the ATR-72 turboprop plane banking sharply, hitting a cab and clipping a bridge before crashing into Keelun...
Feb 02 2015
Ground Collision Avoidance Technology (GCAT) On a recent flight in a Block 40 F-16 with our squadron’s weapons officer I was...

Rogue States

Feb 27 2015
F-16IQ Block 52 Fighters shot in Arizona Iraq has taken delivery of the first of 36 ordered Lockheed Martin F-16 Block 52 jets des...
Feb 26 2015
The Russians have started the test and design works, aim of which is to provide the Russian 5th Generation fighter with a relevant...

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