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U.S. F-22 Raptor stealth jets provide kinetic situational awareness over Syria

Aug 15 2015
Although they were not conceived to play this kind of role, F-22 Raptors have emerged as some of the U.S.-led Coalition’s most reliable combat assets in supporting coalition planes during air strikes in Syria and Iraq.

At the beginning of July, ...

Russian warplanes used practice bombs with “To Berlin!” and “For Stalin” slogans during Baltic drills

Aug 14 2015
Transport planes of the Russian Baltic Fleet used practice bombs signed “To Berlin!” and “For Stalin!” during recent drills in the Baltic Region.

At the beginning of August, the Russian Navy Baltic Fleet held an exercise at Chernyakhovsk airbase, in Kaliningrad Oblast.

Attended by aircrews ...

Super Cool air-to-air images of the world’s sole flying examples of Sea Vixen and Seafire

Aug 13 2015
Sea Vixen and Seafire as you have never seen them before!

The images in this post were taken by World famous aviation photographer Rich Cooper over the Cornish coastline, near Falmouth, during the RNAS Culdrose Air Day on Jul. 30.


They show ...

Watch a Lockheed F-104 Starfighter perform an insane low level pass over a Dutch airbase in the 1980s

Aug 13 2015
The “missile with a man in it” was one of the most badass planes ever.

Overall, 2,580 Lockheed Martin F-104 Starfighter aircraft flew with the air forces of 15 countries in about 50 years.

As already explained several times on The Aviationist, ...

Images show that parts of U.S. Army 160th SOAR MH-60M that crash landed off Okinawa were covered to hide some details

Aug 12 2015
A Special Operations Black Hawk performed a “hard-deck landing” on the USNS Red Cloud off Okinawa, Japan.

Seven military were injured after an MH-60M Black Hawk helicopter belonging to the U.S. Army’s 160th SOAR (Special Operations Aviation Regiment) performed a “hard-deck ...

Swiss Air Force helicopters crossed the border with France to collect water for thirsty cows

Aug 11 2015
Swiss Air Force Cougar helicopters have crossed the border to collect water for cattles.

A really weird and unexpected incursion into the French airspace took place at the end of July.

According to what “Neue Zürcher Zeitung” (“NZZ”), two Swiss Air Force ...

Military Aviation

Aug 24 2015
Bad OPSEC (Operations Security) exposed by Air War on ISIS? “Loose Tweets Destroy Fleets” is the slogan (based on the U.S....
Aug 23 2015
Another package of U.S. Air Force A-10 Thunderbolt II attack planes has arrived in Estonia. Eight A-10s and approximately 170 rese...


Aug 27 2015
The nEUROn has conducted 12 highly sensitive sorties to verify the characteristics of radar-cross section and infrared signature i...
Aug 10 2015
Poland’s Ministry of Defense, in the light of the wide scope of UAV procurement programmes, decided to create a dedicated ai...

Aviation Safety

Aug 26 2015
Disaster averted at Offut Air Force Base last April. On Apr. 30 2015, RC-135V Rivet Joint, 64-14848, belonging to the 343rd Reconn...
Aug 22 2015
Major incident at UK airshow. At about 1.20PM LT the two seat Hawker Hunter T.Mk.7 WV372 crashed into cars on A27 in West Sussex d...

Rogue States

Aug 29 2015
It looks like the F-22s may move to Poland. Soon. According to the Polish Media outlet Głos Wielkopolski, the U.S. Air Force F-22...
Aug 28 2015
“Tabor 11” taking off at night for the F-22A inaugural deployment to Europe. We have already posted some cool pictures...

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