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Air India Boeing 787 Dreamliner loses radio contact gets intercepted by Italian Typhoons

Oct 17 2014
A Boeing 787 was intercepted by the Italian Air Force after experiencing loss of radio contact with the Air Traffic Control

A Boeing 787 Dreamliner, flying between Delhi and Rome as Air India AIC123 flight was intercepted by two Italian Air ...

Photo proves Libyan Mig-21s (not Egyptian aircraft) have conducted air strikes in Benghazi recently

Oct 17 2014
A photo, reportedly taken in Benghazi a couple of days ago, could prove it’s not the Egyptian Air Force but the Libyan Air Force conducting air strikes in the country.

On Oct. 16, some media outlets reported the news that airstrikes ...

Video shows what aerial combat looks like from aboard a Bulgarian Mig-29 Fulcrum

Oct 17 2014
Rare footage shot from the cockpit of a Bulgarian Air Force Mig-29 Fulcrum during a mock dogfight.

On Oct. 11, the Bulgarian Air Force celebrated its 102nd anniversary with an air show at Sofia. One of the highlights of the event ...

Operation Allied Force: B-52 Stratofortress bombers involvement in the Air Campaign over Kosovo

Oct 16 2014
The little but decisive role played by B-52s during Kosovo crisis.

The iconic U.S. Air Force B-52 Stratofortress strategic bomber, symbol of the U.S. nuclear deterrence, has taken part in all the wars fought by Washington in the last 50 years (Syria, ...

Singapore’s F-16s and F-15SGs at Nellis Air Force Base for Red Flag 14-3

Oct 15 2014
Among the aircraft deployed to Nellis Air Force Base for the Red Flag 14-3 last summer, were the Republic of Singapore Air Force F-15SGs, and F-16s. All painted with various special designs on the tails.

Red Flag exercises always offer a ...

Spectacular Photo of U.S. Air Force CV-22 Osprey tilt-rotor aircraft with the full moon in the background

Oct 14 2014
A quite unusual photo caught a U.S. Air Force Special Operations Command’s CV-22 Osprey with the full moon in the background.

Taken close to RAF Mildenhall, UK, on Oct. 7, 2014, by Gary Chadwick, the spectacular photo in this article shows ...

Military Aviation

Oct 29 2014
Russian air activity across Europe is surging: three more formations intercepted today. As reported yesterday, on Oct. 28, the Ger...
Oct 29 2014
M-346 Master is flying with the AIM-9 replacement: the IRIS-T missile. Alenia Aermacchi M-346 Master advanced jet trainer has star...


Oct 25 2014
Schiebel Camcopter used by OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine made its first flight. On Oct. 23, the OSCE Special Monitori...
Sep 22 2014
It looks like Hezbollah is using its weaponized drones to attack Al Qaeda targets in Lebanon. Not only Hamas operates armed UAVs (...

Aviation Safety

Sep 15 2014
The famous episode when an Israeli Air Force F-15 was able to land with one wing. The F-15 is not only a famous MiG Killer. The le...
Sep 11 2014
Take off and landing from an aircraft carrier can be extremely dangerous. Even if they are extremely important to project power ac...

Rogue States

Oct 29 2014
Russian air activity across Europe is surging: three more formations intercepted today. As reported yesterday, on Oct. 28, the Ger...
Oct 28 2014
NATO Baltic Air Policing mission is quite busy these days…. According to the Latvian military, on Oct. 28, the German Air Fo...

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