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Army Air Force Video explains how to evade Flak (anti-aircraft fire) in WWII

May 18 2014
Over Germany, Italy, Japan, “Flak” (anti-aircraft gun) was, along with enemy fighters, the main threat to Allied bombers.

An Army Air Force training film explains FlaK (from the German word for Anti-aircraft gun – Flugabwehrkanone): how heavy, smal caliber and automatic ...

Polish Air Force Mig-29 and Royal Air Force Typhoon jets on Baltic Alert

May 16 2014
Polish Fulcrums and British Eurofighter Typhoons provide Baltic Air Policing from Lithuania.

The RAF and the Polish Air Force have taken over the four-month rotation of Baltic Air Policing since the beginning of the month.

The task, usually undertaken with four fighter ...

[Photo] All three F-35 variants fly together for the first time

May 16 2014
F-35A, F-35B and F-35C Joint Strike Fighters flying together.

A nice photo lets you compare the shape and size of the three variants of the F-35 Lightining II multi-role aircraft flying together for the first time.

From right to left, F-35A CTOL ...

Incredible video from the receiving end of a DC-10 Supertanker’s fire retardant drop

May 16 2014
DC-10 Supertanker dropping fire retardant as seen from the fire point of view….

KUSI photojournalist Taylor Schuss filmed the DC10 Air Tanker (unofficially dubbed “Supertanker”) fighting the Cocos Fire in San Marcos, California, from the receiving end of a load of ...

Rare footage about current North Korean Air Force. Featuring Mig-29s, Su-25s, AN-2s and Korean People’s Air Force One

May 15 2014
Here is a 21-minute video about Korean People’s Air Force (KPAF) air-to-ground inter-unit competition.

Even if it may seem a documentary produced in the 1970s, the following is an interesting footage filmed during the recent Korean People’s Air Force’s combat flight ...

Russian Tu-95 Bomber Launches Six Cruise Missiles during Exercise

May 15 2014
Russian Air Force Tu-95 not only fly long range missions acros the world, they also fire cruise missiles.

In the last weeks, we reported the news that Russian Tu-95 bombers had skirted UK airspace and had flown long range missions around ...

Military Aviation

Sep 01 2014
Here’s an unbelievable photo shot at Amari Airbase, Estonia. Taken by photographer Gen Vagula at Ämari Airbase, Estonia, wh...
Sep 01 2014
Even though on average there are about about four to six incidents a year Russian planes have entered the Finnish airspace without...


Sep 02 2014
Drones used by ISIS militants are remotely-controlled products you can buy online for about 500 USD rather than something comparab...
Aug 29 2014
QF-16 performs for the first time as an aerial target A remotely controlled QF-16 Full Scale Aerial Target was launched for the fi...

Aviation Safety

Aug 27 2014
104th Fighter Wing F-15C crashed earlier today in in Virginia’s Augusta County. A pilot is still missing after a 104th Fight...
Aug 20 2014
Two Italian Air Force Tornado jets have crashed after colliding midair in central east Italy. While search of the four missing pil...

Rogue States

Sep 02 2014
Drones used by ISIS militants are remotely-controlled products you can buy online for about 500 USD rather than something comparab...
Aug 31 2014
Awesome video of the Mig-25 Foxbat flying at very high speed and ultra low altitude some years ago in Russia. The Mikoyan-Gurevich...

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