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[Photo] Iranian P-3F maritime patrol plane “buzzes” U.S. carrier’s control tower

Feb 01 2014
New images show how close to the U.S. carriers operating in the Strait of Hormutz, Iranian planes fly.

We have recently published some images showing an F/A-18E Super Hornet escorting an IRIAF (Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force) P-3F flying quite ...

[Video] Boeing 747-8 in Seattle Seahawks livery draws “12″ in the sky

Jan 31 2014
A Boeing 747-8 painted in Seattle Seahawks flew a special flight path over Eastern Washington to salute the team.

On Jan. 30 a Boeing 747-8 Freighter painted in Seattle Seahawks livery took off from Boeing Field and landed at Paine Field ...

Video shows Angry Afghan Villagers stoning wreck of U.S. Predator Drone

Jan 31 2014
An American UAS (Unmanned Aerial System) crashes in Afghanistan. Local people stone it.

The following footage made its first appearance on Facebook a couple of days ago.

It allegedly shows what seems to be a group of Afghans stoning the wreck of ...

Made in China: all Modern Chinese fighter jets in one photo

Jan 31 2014
One image shows some of the most famous China’s Air Force combat planes.

Even if some types are missing, the photograph is still much interesting. Indeed, if you wondered how the size of a J-10 compared to that of a J-8II, ...

AC-130H Spectre gunship’s final mission

Jan 31 2014
On Jan. 16, the 16th Special Operations Squadron conducted its final mission with the AC-130H gunship at Cannon Air Force Base, New Mexico.

To celebrate the retirement of the Spectre, whose development began in the early 1960s, the 16th SOS launched ...

“Dambusters” Squadron’s final mission. Will reform and get F-35B in 2018.

Jan 31 2014
RAF’s legendary Squadron disbanded 71 years after famous raid over Germany. Will reform and get F-35s in a few years.

Royal Air Force’s 617 Squadron known as the “Dambusters”, from the daring night missions against the Mohne, Eder and Sorpe dams, ...

Military Aviation

Apr 16 2014
Ukrainian Air Force once again active in the eastern Russian-speaking part of the country. With Mig-29 Fulcrum aircraft still wearing the national display ...
Apr 16 2014
It looks like Chinese pilots like self-portrait photos as their “Western” colleagues We have already published an interesting “selfie” (as self-potrait shots are ...


Apr 14 2014
This video shows how difficult shooting down a small UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) can be. Along with larger UAVs, armed forces around the ...
Apr 11 2014
A better look at the images of the Iranian drone emerged so far highlighted something interesting. New screenshots coming from Syria give a ...

Aviation Safety

Apr 05 2014
A Chinese ship involved in the hunt for the missing Malaysia Airlines MH370 in the Indian Ocean reportedly detected an underwater ping like ...
Mar 29 2014
Quite unusual: an Egyptian Air Force plane is forced to perform a belly landing with extended nose gear. You don’t see this kind ...

Rogue States

Apr 16 2014
It looks like Chinese pilots like self-portrait photos as their “Western” colleagues We have already published an interesting “selfie” (as self-potrait shots are ...
Apr 15 2014
One Su-27 Flanker aircraft supporting a special operation to regain control on a military airfield taken from pro-Moscow separatists was reportedly shot down. ...

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