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Watch this video: did a Russian Su-24 Fencer drop a cluster bomb over Aleppo?

Oct 05 2015
Is it a cluster bomb, illumination flares or something else?

The following video shows a Su-24 Fencer (a Russian Air Force one based on reports) dropping *something* on Aleppo.

Since these shouldn’t be illumination flares that do not burst but burn for a ...

This cool Infographic says all you need to know about the Sukhoi Su-34 the most advanced Russian plane in Syria

Oct 04 2015
The Su-34 Fullback is the most advanced jet the Russian Air Force has deployed to Syria.

Entered in active service with the Russian Aerospace Forces in 2014, the Sukhoi Su-34 Fullback is a two-seat strike fighter with a maximum range of ...

Gorgeous cockpit video of the last Vulcan bomber flying in formation with the Red Arrows for the last time

Oct 04 2015
The last flying Vulcan Bomber, XH558, flew with the Red Arrows one last time at the Southport Air Show.

After taking part in air shows for eight years, the last flying Vulcan bomber will perform its final flights today taking part ...

Hawaiian F-22 Raptors deploying to UAE to join air war on ISIS

Oct 03 2015
Six Hawaii Air National Guard are deploying to the CENTCOM area of responsibility.

Six Hawaii Air National Guard F-22 Raptors are enroute from Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, to Al Dhafra, UAE, to join the CENTCOM area of responsibility.

Once there, the aircraft ...

Watch this interesting video of the Russian planes (with Red Star painted over) at work in Syria

Oct 02 2015
Take a look at what happens inside Latakia airbase, where the Russian Air Force contingent is based.

The following exclusive video by RT brings you inside al-Assad International Airport, near Latakia, where Russian Air Force contingent, currently made of 36 combat ...

Here’s an interactive map of all the Russian airstrikes in Syria

Oct 02 2015
The Russian contingent has launched its airstrikes in Syria. And this interactive map shows them all.

On Sept. 30, the Russian Air Force launched its first airstrikes in Syria (with controversial results).

Since then, the RuAF contingent has launched more raids, some ...

Military Aviation

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Feb 10 2016
Another episode that further escalates the crisis between Turkey and Russia. Turkey has barred a Russian Antonov An-30B spyplane,...


Feb 08 2016
NASA operates the giant Northrop Grumman Global Hawk drone to collect weather data. On Feb. 5, NASA showed off its newest and smar...
Dec 05 2015
Interesting footage released by the Russian MoD. According to the Russian MoD, during the last few days the US-led coalition in Sy...

Aviation Safety

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Jan 29 2016
Tense moments in the skies over Black Sea. On Jan. 25, 2016 a U.S. Air Force RC-135U electronic intelligence gathering aircraft wa...

Rogue States

Feb 10 2016
Another episode that further escalates the crisis between Turkey and Russia. Turkey has barred a Russian Antonov An-30B spyplane,...
Feb 05 2016
Some impressive images captured at Kunsan Air Base during a recent elephant walk exercise. Taken on Feb. 3, 2016 these striking ...

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