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Famous F-105D “Polish Glider” Thunderchief at the Cracow Aviation Museum

Feb 05 2014
Take a virtual sightseeing of the Polish Aviation Museum in Cracow.

The Polish Aviation Museum in Cracow, Poland, features several interesting exhibits and nearly all versions of the MiG-21 Fishbed, including the infamous F.13 version.

The latter was not a pilots’ favourite ...

“If we don’t keep F-22 Raptor viable, the F-35 fleet will be irrelevant” Air Combat Command says

Feb 04 2014
The present and future of the F-35, A-10 and other platforms in the vision of the U.S. Air Force Air Command Command Chief.

In an interesting, open and somehow surprising interview given to Air Force Times, Chief of U.S. ...

188th Fighter Wing flies its final manned night mission with the A-10 Warthog

Feb 04 2014
The end of an era as the 188th FW flew last night mission with the “Hog”.

On Dec. 30, 2013, Arkansas Air National Guard’s 188th Fighter Wing at Ebbing Air National Guard Base, Fort Smith, Ark. flew one of its last ...

The Super Bowl Flyover you didn’t see yesterday filmed from a CH-47 helicopter

Feb 03 2014
It went almost unnoticed, but Super Bowl featured a U.S. Army helicopter flyover.

NFL Super Bowl XLVIII game between Seattle Seahawks and Denver Broncos game was opened by a flyover performed by AH-64D Apache, UH-60M Black Hawk and CH-47F Chinook choppers ...

[Photo] Iranian P-3F under escort as seen from the Super Hornet pilot’s POV

Feb 03 2014
Along with those published in the last few days, these photos complete the “picture” of the P-3 vs F/A-18 episode.

After showing the images taken from the IRIAF (Islamic Republic of Iran Air Force) maritime patrol aircraft, and those taken from ...

[Video] E-4B Nightwatch Doomsday plane’s night departure from Poland

Feb 03 2014
A U.S. Doomsday plane is quite an unusual sight for a Polish airport.

An E-4B National Airborne Command Post  (NAOC) with U.S. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel on board, departing Powidz airbase near Gniezno, Poland.

Mr. Hagel made a visit to Poland, ...

Military Aviation

Apr 23 2014
Texas and Kansas sightings have unveiled two different Black Projects. As we have already reported here, on Mar. 10, 2014 Steve Douglass and ...
Apr 23 2014
This is not covered by warranty. Royal Danish Air Force personnel love to film their F-16s using air-to-air and air-to-surface armament. A GoPro ...


Apr 14 2014
This video shows how difficult shooting down a small UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) can be. Along with larger UAVs, armed forces around the ...
Apr 11 2014
A better look at the images of the Iranian drone emerged so far highlighted something interesting. New screenshots coming from Syria give a ...

Aviation Safety

Apr 05 2014
A Chinese ship involved in the hunt for the missing Malaysia Airlines MH370 in the Indian Ocean reportedly detected an underwater ping like ...
Mar 29 2014
Quite unusual: an Egyptian Air Force plane is forced to perform a belly landing with extended nose gear. You don’t see this kind ...

Rogue States

Apr 20 2014
The traditional military parades at mausoleum of the Late Founder of Islamic Republic, Imam Khomeini, south of capital Tehran saw the flyover of ...
Apr 18 2014
A Russian combat helicopter performs an impressive, quite dangerous, low pass. Few days ago, we published an article about the fully armed Ukrainian ...

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