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Here are the first photos of the Florida ANG F-15C Eagle jet arriving in Europe

Apr 01 2015
First ever Air National Guard Theater Security Package has arrived in Europe.

The first six F-15C Eagles from the Florida Air National Guard’s 159th Expeditionary Fighter Squadron have arrived at Leeuwarden airbase, Netherlands, on Mar. 31.

Twelve Eagle jets are deploying to ...

In photos, evacuation of a simulated incapacitated A-10 Thunderbolt pilot

Apr 01 2015
Firefighters at airbases all around the world have to be familiar with egress procedures.

The images in this post show firefighters from the 509th Civil Engineer Squadron evacuate a simulated incapacitated patient from a U.S. Air Force A-10 Thunderbolt II aircraft ...

What happens after sunset on the flight line at Nellis Air Force Base during a Red Flag

Mar 31 2015
A very different perspective.

The sun was dropping quickly towards the Spring Mountains indicating the day was coming to an end. Aircraft spotters packed their gear and disappeared to their hotels for the night. Red Flag aircraft back from their afternoon ...

U.S. Air Force A-10 Thunderbolt II jets have deployed to Romania

Mar 30 2015
Four U.S. Air Force A-10s have arrived in Romania. More to arrive in the next days.

It looks like the USAF Warthog attack planes are rapidly moving across eastern Europe: after deploying to Germany, as part of the first Air Force ...

Here’s where a U.S. spyplane sought terrorists behind Bardo museum attack in Tunisia

Mar 28 2015
A civil registered U.S. King Air used to track high-value and time-sensitive targets, including people, has conducted some missions over western Tunisia.

From Mar. 21 to 26, a U.S. Beechcraft King Air 350ER has conducted reconnaissance missions over the western Tunisia ...

The U.S. Air Force is deploying 12 F-15 jets to Europe as first Air National Guard theater security package

Mar 27 2015
Twelve F-15C jets will operate in the Netherlands before moving to Bulgaria.

It looks like the military build-up in eastern Europe continues.

The U.S. Air Force is deploying 12 F-15C belonging to the 125th Fighter Wing, Florida Air National Guard, Jacksonville, Fla., ...

Military Aviation

Aug 24 2015
Bad OPSEC (Operations Security) exposed by Air War on ISIS? “Loose Tweets Destroy Fleets” is the slogan (based on the U.S....
Aug 23 2015
Another package of U.S. Air Force A-10 Thunderbolt II attack planes has arrived in Estonia. Eight A-10s and approximately 170 rese...


Sep 02 2015
“This is not a one-time operating zone. We created an airspace arrangement that is enduring, so when we need to go back, it ...
Aug 27 2015
The nEUROn has conducted 12 highly sensitive sorties to verify the characteristics of radar-cross section and infrared signature i...

Aviation Safety

Aug 26 2015
Disaster averted at Offut Air Force Base last April. On Apr. 30 2015, RC-135V Rivet Joint, 64-14848, belonging to the 343rd Reconn...
Aug 22 2015
Major incident at UK airshow. At about 1.20PM LT the two seat Hawker Hunter T.Mk.7 WV372 crashed into cars on A27 in West Sussex d...

Rogue States

Sep 02 2015
Photos allegedly taken over Idlib seem to prove Russian Migs, Sukhois and drones are currently operating against ISIS in Syria Pic...
Sep 02 2015
“This is not a one-time operating zone. We created an airspace arrangement that is enduring, so when we need to go back, it ...

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