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Russian next generation stealth fighter to fall victim to the Russian financial crisis?

Apr 07 2015
PAK-FA may suffer significant cuts.

Russian Deputy Minister of Defence Yuri Borisov, has recently announced that the PAK-FA programme may be halted or adjusted, due to the dire conditions of Russia’s economy, affected by the Ukrainian crisis and the subsequent (proxy ...

Stunning footage shows Saudi Arabia’s air power at war against Yemen’s Houthi rebels

Apr 06 2015
Interesting footage shows Saudi warplanes involved in Operation Decisive Storm.

On Mar. 25, Saudi Arabia launched the first air strike on targets located in neighbouring Yemen.

Codenamed Operation Decisive Storm, the air war was started to counter the Houthi offensive on Aden, ...

No, Auto-GCAS could not have prevented the Germanwings crash

Apr 06 2015
Several articles have mentioned the A-GCAS (Automatic Ground Collision Avoidance System) as the military tech capable to avert the Germanwings crash.

We recently run a very detailed article about GCAT (Ground Collision Avoidance Technology), the umbrella term for a whole variety ...

Photo shows a U.S. Reaper drone carrying “Gorgon Stare” Wide Area Airborne Surveillance System pod in Afghanistan

Apr 05 2015
Gorgon Stare is a pod-based sensor package used to track people, vehicles, and objects in areas of +10 square kilometers.

Formerly known as the Wide Area Airborne Surveillance System (WAAS), Gorgon Stare system is a sensor package carried by two pods, ...

Up close and personal with the F-35’s 400K USD flight helmet with a X-ray vision-like imagery

Apr 03 2015
Here are some interesting images of the F-35’s Helmet Mounted Display System.

The Helmet Mounted Display System is one of the most advanced system on the much debated F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter.

It integrates FLIR (Forward Looking Infra Red) ...

Is this China’s next generation stealth fighter bomber?

Apr 03 2015
Most probably, not. However, the artworks  are interesting.

Although China is known to be working also on a new stealth fighter bomber, we don’t know much about the H-20, as the aircraft is believed to be dubbed.

The long-range strike aircraft should ...

Military Aviation

Apr 17 2015
EA-6B Prowlers during a training sortie. Based at MCAS Cherry Point, in North Carolina, Marine Tactical Electronic Warfare Trainin...
Apr 15 2015
Evening activity at Nellis AFB during Red Flag Aerial Warfare Exercise 2015-2 We have already explained what happens on the flight...


Apr 16 2015
X-47B has completed first contact with an aerial refueling hose. On Apr. 16, “Salty Dog 502″, one of the two Unmanned ...
Apr 16 2015
nEUROn stealth UCAV has started testing its advanced sensors in Italy. The first example of the nEUROn UCAV (Unmanned Combat Aeria...

Aviation Safety

Apr 06 2015
Several articles have mentioned the A-GCAS (Automatic Ground Collision Avoidance System) as the military tech capable to avert the...
Apr 01 2015
Firefighters at airbases all around the world have to be familiar with egress procedures. The images in this post show firefighter...

Rogue States

Apr 18 2015
Baltic Air Patrol QRA (Quick Reaction Alert) service is always quite busy. On Apr. 18, the Italian Air Force two Italian Air Force...
Apr 13 2015
It looks like a Su-27 Flanker performed a reckless intercept on a U.S. RC-135U over the Baltic Sea. On Apr. 7, a U.S. RC-135U flyi...

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