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What it’s like to be sitting behind a radar screen of an SA-11 Buk SAM system

Jul 20 2014
If you thought Buk (SA-11) SAM operators had a clear view of the airspace around their vehicle you were wrong.

The images and video in this post show the inside of a Buk (SA-11) SAM (surface to air missile) system’s TELAR ...

Here’s why Malaysia Airlines MH17 overflew Ukraine on its way to Malaysia

Jul 18 2014
In order to save time, fuel airliners to fly from departure airport to destination as close as possible to a Great Circle.

A great circle is the shortest path interconnecting two points on a sphere.

Since Earth is almost spherical, routes followed ...

It was just a matter of time before a civil plane was shot down in Ukraine’s SAM-infested airspace

Jul 17 2014
In spite of the amount of aircraft shot down by the rebels, civil airliners flew through the SAM-infested airspace of Eastern Ukraine with the risk of being mistakenly hit. As happened to the Malaysian Boeing 777.

It’s not a secret separatists ...

Malaysian Boeing 777 with 295 people on board shot down over Eastern Ukraine

Jul 17 2014
A Malaysian Airlines Boeing 777 from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur crashed in Ukraine near the Russian border after being hit from a surface to air missile.

A Boeing 777 (9M-MRD) with 280 passengers and 15 crew members, flying from Amsterdam to ...

[Video] U-2 spyplane landing as seen from chase car

Jul 17 2014
A unique view, from inside a U-2 chase car.

Pilots are not supposed to have a car entering the active runway as they are about to land, unless they are on board a legendary U-2 Dragon Lady spyplane.

Based at Beale Air ...

[Photo] F-16 flips on top of another F-16 at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base

Jul 17 2014
Strong winds are believed to have been the cause of a retired F-16 plane flipping on top of another Fighting Falcon at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base.

Winds gusts of 66 mph most probably caused a retired F-16 to flip onto ...

Military Aviation

Jul 24 2014
A sneak preview of the first and second F-35 being delivered to the Royal Australian Air Force The first of 72 F-35s for the Royal...
Jul 24 2014
Here are some of the highlights of RAF Fairford’s Royal International Air Tattoo 2014. Even though the F-35B Lightning II ai...


Jul 23 2014
Drones are escorting Costa Concordia providing a different point of the giant ship’s final journey to the scrapyard. On Jan....
Jul 14 2014
Al Qassam Brigades are using their Twitter feed to show an Armed Drone flying over Gaza. Ezzedeen Al Qassam Brigades, the military...

Aviation Safety

Jul 22 2014
Tel Aviv airport is almost isolated following the decision of several U.S. and European airlines to cancel all flights to Israel a...
Jul 18 2014
In order to save time, fuel airliners to fly from departure airport to destination as close as possible to a Great Circle. A great...

Rogue States

Jul 23 2014
Vladimir Putin said that Russia will not reactivate the radar reconnaisance station in Cuba. Last week Russian newspaper Kommersan...
Jul 21 2014
Based on the graphic shown by the Russian Ministry of Defense, it was a U.S. EF-111 Raven to fly close to the MH17 just before it ...

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