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Fantastic video brings you aboard a Rafale jet on a simulated nuclear strike

Dec 06 2014
This a nuclear air strike, French style.

The following footage was released by the French Air Force.

It shows a Force de Frappe‘s nuclear strike mission flown by a Rafale B multirole jet carrying an ASMP-A nuclear missile (weirdly blurred in the ...

Australian F/A-18F Super Hornet provides unusual but spectacular sight during mission over Iraq

Dec 06 2014
Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) F/A-18F Super Hornet over Iraq in some interesting photographs.

The Australian contribution to the US-led coalition that is conducting air strikes against ISIS targets in Iraq includes an Air Task Group (ATG) consisting of six Royal ...

U.S. Army Mysterious Sensor plane spotted over Libya. Along with a US Navy Spyplane

Dec 05 2014
There are very few images of the U.S. Army EO-5C. Here’s one taken over Benghazi, Libya, few days ago.

The fact that U.S. Navy EP-3E ARIES II signal intelligence platforms were involved over North Africa was known, since images had already ...

Epic Fail Of Portuguese Navy New Drone’s First Launch

Dec 04 2014
It’s not easy to launch a drone.

Some of our readers may have seen it already. For all the others, here is a funny video filmed during the press conference held in Portugal last April to showcase the new coastal surveillance ...

Previously unknown details about Iranian F-4, F-5, Su-24 and UAVs involvement in air strikes on ISIS targets in Iraq

Dec 04 2014
All you need to know about the Iranian involvement in the air strikes against ISIS in Iraq.

Al Jazeera footage aired a few days ago exposed an IRIAF F-4 Phantom performing an air strike on ISIS positions in Iraq.

The news of ...

Watch two F-15E Strike Eagles maneuver at low altitude in the famous Mach Loop

Dec 03 2014
U.S. Air Force F-15E flying in the Mach Loop prove how maneuverable a Strike Eagle can be at low altitude and high speed.

Low level flying is quite demanding because of the risk involved with flying at high speeds close to ...

Military Aviation

Mar 06 2015
Every now and then, French Navy warplanes operate from U.S. flattops. The cooperation between the Marine Nationale (French Navy) a...
Feb 27 2015
F-16IQ Block 52 Fighters shot in Arizona Iraq has taken delivery of the first of 36 ordered Lockheed Martin F-16 Block 52 jets des...


Feb 16 2015
An Italian Air Force MQ-1C Predator A+ escorted the ships involved in the repatriation of Italian nationals from Libya. On Feb. 15...
Dec 13 2014
The video of the Orion crew module Exploration Flight Test 1 (EFT-1) as it descended through the atmosphere until splashdown into ...

Aviation Safety

Feb 04 2015
Shocking footage shows the ATR-72 turboprop plane banking sharply, hitting a cab and clipping a bridge before crashing into Keelun...
Feb 02 2015
Ground Collision Avoidance Technology (GCAT) On a recent flight in a Block 40 F-16 with our squadron’s weapons officer I was...

Rogue States

Mar 04 2015
Russia’s newest multirole fighter jets have been using NATO ships in the Black Sea to practice attack scenarios. Russian Su-...
Mar 03 2015
A-10s involved in Operation Inherent Resolve carry a full complement of air-to-ground weaponry. The pictures in this post were tak...

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