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A view on the quite impressive F-15 Engine Shop at RAF Lakenheath airbase

May 19 2015
There are 17 F-15’s exhaust engine nozzles in this image.

The photo in this article was posted by the 48th Fighter Wing on their FB page. It shows at least 17 complete exhaust engine nozzles for the F100-PW-220 and F100-PW-220-229 engines ...

U.S. raid in Syria supported by secret Stealth Black Hawk helicopters?

May 17 2015
According to some sources, the evasive MH-X may have taken part in the raid that killed Islamic State member Abu Sayyaf.

In the night between May 15 and 16, U.S. Special Operations forces killed ISIS high level operative Abu Sayyaf, in ...

We are closer to a European shared Aerial Refueling Capability

May 17 2015
“Pooling and Sharing” may soon apply to the Aerial Refueling capability.

As we reported it at the end of last year, Poland, the Netherlands and Norway are willing to acquire shared aerial refueling capabilities. According to the information obtained by Polish ...

U.S. Air Force A-10 and F-15 Theater Security Package activities in Europe in one infographic

May 15 2015
An interesting infographic provides some detail about the two TSPs in Europe.

12 A-10s belonging to the first Air Force Theater Security Package and 12 F-15s of the first ANG  TSP (theater security package) are currently deployed in eastern Europe in ...

The U.S. will base B-1 bombers and surveillance planes in Australia amid South China Sea tensions

May 14 2015
Bombers and ISR (Intelligence Surveillance Reconnaissance) aircraft head towards the Pacific.

It looks like the U.S. Air Force is planning to deploy some strategic bombers and surveillance aircraft in Australia to put some pressure on China amid South China Sea tensions.

The ...

The Italian Air Force has unveiled a new indigenous trainer: the T-344 V.E.S.P.A.

May 13 2015
The Italian Air Force is developing a new indigenous jet trainer.

The Italian Air Force has identified the new trainer that will replace the SF-260EA in the role of initial flight screener of its student pilots.

The mock-up of the new indigenous ...

Military Aviation

Aug 24 2015
Bad OPSEC (Operations Security) exposed by Air War on ISIS? “Loose Tweets Destroy Fleets” is the slogan (based on the U.S....
Aug 23 2015
Another package of U.S. Air Force A-10 Thunderbolt II attack planes has arrived in Estonia. Eight A-10s and approximately 170 rese...


Aug 27 2015
The nEUROn has conducted 12 highly sensitive sorties to verify the characteristics of radar-cross section and infrared signature i...
Aug 10 2015
Poland’s Ministry of Defense, in the light of the wide scope of UAV procurement programmes, decided to create a dedicated ai...

Aviation Safety

Aug 26 2015
Disaster averted at Offut Air Force Base last April. On Apr. 30 2015, RC-135V Rivet Joint, 64-14848, belonging to the 343rd Reconn...
Aug 22 2015
Major incident at UK airshow. At about 1.20PM LT the two seat Hawker Hunter T.Mk.7 WV372 crashed into cars on A27 in West Sussex d...

Rogue States

Aug 28 2015
“Tabor 11” taking off at night for the F-22A inaugural deployment to Europe. We have already posted some cool pictures...
Aug 28 2015
Here are the most interesting images of the four F-22A jets that have arrived in Germany earlier today. On Aug. 28, four F-22A Rap...

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