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Interesting video shows Il-78 tankers refueling a Tu-160 strategic bomber over the Caspian Sea

Nov 26 2015
Watch this Il-78M Midas refueling a Tu-160 Blackjack strategic bomber over the Caspian Sea.

As we have already explained, beginning on Nov. 17 the Russian Air Force Strategic Bomber fleet, has started pounding Islamic State (as well as rebel forces) in Syria.

On ...

Britain offers France use of airbase in Cyprus to support air war on ISIS in Syria

Nov 25 2015
French combat aircraft may use RAF Akrotiri base, in Cyprus, to launch air strikes on IS.

In the wake of the Paris terror attacks, Britain has offered France the use of its airbase in Cyprus, strategically located on the island in ...

Russia deploys S-400 and moves guided-missile cruiser off Latakia to protect its jets near Turkish border

Nov 25 2015
After the Turkish Air Force shot down a Russian Su-24, Moscow has decided to deploy some air defense systems to western Syria.

Following the downing of a Russian Su-24 by the Turkish Air Force on Nov. 24, that caused the death ...

Here’s the alleged Audio of the Turkish Air Force warning the Russian Su-24 before downing it

Nov 24 2015
Hear a Turkish Air Force radar station warning an unknown aircraft about to enter the Turkish airspace.

On Nov. 24, a Russian Air Force Su-24M belonging to the contingent deployed to Latakia, in western Syria, was shot down by a Turkish ...

Updated: Turkey has just shot down a Russian Sukhoi Su-24 near the border with Syria

Nov 24 2015
Images coming from Syria show a Su-24 Fencer in flames. And it’s Russian.

On Nov. 24 the Turkish Air Force shot down what appears to be a Sukhoi Su-24 Fencer that, according to the first reports, violated Turkey’s airspace.

It’s unclear whether ...

This Infographic shows Every submarine operated by the nations of Europe and the Mediterranean

Nov 23 2015
Have you ever wondered what type of subs European or Mediterranean nations operate? Here’s the answer.

Modern submarines are used for a wide variety of tasks: (attacking or) protecting aircraft carriers (as in the case of U.S. Navy subs included in ...

Military Aviation

Dec 01 2015
Area 51 airline is hiring. Janet airline is the name of a small fleet of passenger aircraft that serve the famous Area 51, the U.S...
Nov 30 2015
Here’s why Wild Weasel missions were among the most dangerous sorties flown in Southeast Asia. During the Vietnam War the ma...


Oct 20 2015
This was just released by the Russian MoD. Russia’s MoD has just released a video showing a Sukhoi (Su-30SM) more or less &#...
Oct 16 2015
The Turkish Air Force has shot down an unidentified UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) over the Syria-Turkey border. Turkish Air Force...

Aviation Safety

Nov 16 2015
The risky business of being an adversary pilot. Dissimilar Air Combat Training (DACT) is one of the most important parts in the tr...
Nov 12 2015
Another crazy low pass. Here’s another chapter in the Ukrainian Air Force low pass saga. After the the Mig-29 overflying pro...

Rogue States

Nov 29 2015
Airspace violations are more frequent than one might believe. On Nov. 24, a Russian Air Force Su-24M that allegedly violated the T...
Nov 27 2015
The Turkish Air Force is no longer supporting the air war on ISIS. According to  Turkey’s Hurriyet newspaper, the Turkish Air F...

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