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Video shows French air strike in Iraq from launch to recovery, including aerial refueling

Sep 20 2014
Yesterday two Rafale jets conducted the first French air strike in Iraq. And here’s a video which shows the mission from beginning to end.

On Sept. 19, two Rafales of the EC 3/30 “Lorraine” supported by a C-135FR Tanker of the ...

[Photo] Rafale multi-role combat planes conduct first French air strike in Iraq

Sep 19 2014
The French Air Force has conducted the first air strike on a terrorist target in Iraq.

Two Rafales, one C-135FR Tanker were involved in a 7-hour mission from Al Dhafra to Iraq (1,700 kilometers) to destroy an ISIS  target in northern ...

Russian “Bear” strategic bombers intercepted by Typhoon jet from base in Scotland for the first time

Sep 19 2014
RAF Typhoons from RAF Lossiemouth, Scotland, intercepted Russian Tu-95 bombers.

This news would sound different if Scotland got independent anyway, on Sept. 19, Royal Air Force Typhoon FGR4 aircraft, based at RAF Lossiemouth were scramble for the first time since they ...

This is how a Reaper drone is deployed to Afghanistan. In Kit Form.

Sep 19 2014
Did you know RAF delivered its five Reaper UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems) as if they were model kits?

The Royal Air Force has just deployed five more MQ-9 Reaper remotely-piloted aircraft that have joined the five Reapers already there and support ...

Two Russian attack planes intentionally violated the Swedish airspace to probe local air defense

Sep 19 2014
Two Russian Air Force Su-24 Fencer attack jets violated the Swedish airspace to probe the Swedish Air Force readiness.

On Sept. 17, two Russian Su-24 Fencer combat planes intentionally violated Sweden’s airspace the Expressen newspaper reported.

According to the Swedish media outlet ...

F-15 Eagle vs CF-18 Hornet vs F-16 Fighting Falcon: a pilot’s perspective

Sep 18 2014
Although they are two different airframes, the F-15 and the F-18 have similar avionics, as you can read in the following interesting story released by an experienced Eagle driver.

Disclaimer: the story is based on an interview to an F-15, published ...

Military Aviation

Oct 21 2014
A U.S. Air Force pilot has celebrated 9,000 flying hours on the B-52. Lt. Col. Steve Smith, with 93rd Bomb Squadron from Barksdale...
Oct 20 2014
An interesting shot, shows a Super Hornet land on aircraft carrier with an AGM-84 Standoff Land Attack Missile-Expanded Response w...


Sep 22 2014
It looks like Hezbollah is using its weaponized drones to attack Al Qaeda targets in Lebanon. Not only Hamas operates armed UAVs (...
Sep 19 2014
Did you know RAF delivered its five Reaper UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems) as if they were model kits? The Royal Air Force has just ...

Aviation Safety

Sep 15 2014
The famous episode when an Israeli Air Force F-15 was able to land with one wing. The F-15 is not only a famous MiG Killer. The le...
Sep 11 2014
Take off and landing from an aircraft carrier can be extremely dangerous. Even if they are extremely important to project power ac...

Rogue States

Oct 20 2014
Photos of a North Korean Mig-29 operating from a highway shows the Fulcrum with a brand new color scheme. A series of images relea...
Oct 20 2014
Sweden is investigating a mysterious, foreign underwater activity in the Stockholm’s archipelago. On Oct. 19, Sweden Ministr...

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