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Watch an epic Blue Angels low take off from an awesome point of view

Aug 30 2015
It must have been quite loud.

Pretty cool video showing Blue Angel #7 taking off from Runway 23L at Willow Run Airport for the Thunder Over Michigan airshow.

As usual, the low transition is followed by a high performance climb.

H/T Emiliano Guerra ...

U.S. F-22 Raptor stealth jets currently in Germany to move to Poland on Monday

Aug 29 2015
It looks like the F-22s may move to Poland. Soon.

According to the Polish Media outlet Głos Wielkopolski, the U.S. Air Force F-22 Raptor fighters belonging to the 95th Fighter Squadron, from Tyndall Air Force Base, that arrived at Spangdahlem airbase ...

Stunning photos of the F-22s departing at night from Tyndall AFB for their first deployment in Europe

Aug 28 2015
“Tabor 11” taking off at night for the F-22A inaugural deployment to Europe.

We have already posted some cool pictures of the F-22s arriving in Germany on Aug. 28. Here are some stunning photographs of the 95th Fighter Squadron Raptors taking ...

In pictures, F-22A stealth fighters arrive in Germany for Raptor’s inaugural deployment to Europe

Aug 28 2015
Here are the most interesting images of the four F-22A jets that have arrived in Germany earlier today.

On Aug. 28, four F-22A Raptor jets belonging to 325th Fighter Wing, from Tyndall Air Force Base, Florida, have arrived at Spangdahlem airbase, ...

F-22 deployment to Europe underway: 4 Raptors currently heading to Germany

Aug 28 2015
Tyndall F-22s expected at Spangdahlem airbase, Germany, later today.

Four F-22A Raptor stealth jets will arrive at Spangdahlem airbase later today, to start the deployment in Europe in support of Operation Atlantic Resolve.

The aircraft, belonging to 325th Fighter Wing, from Tyndall ...

Europe’s new stealth combat drone has successfully completed 12 highly sensitive test sorties in Italy

Aug 27 2015
The nEUROn has conducted 12 highly sensitive sorties to verify the characteristics of radar-cross section and infrared signature in Italy.

The first example of the nEUROn UCAV (Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle) has successfully completed its flight test campaign in the Perdasdefogu ...

Military Aviation

Oct 06 2015
Finnish and Swedish aircraft take off and land on roads as part of the training. From Sep. 19 to 26 the Finnish Air Force conducte...
Oct 05 2015
It looks like a Sukhoi Su-30SM deployed to Syria has had a close encounter with Turkish Air Force F-16s past the Syria-Turkey bord...


Oct 07 2015
Mid-air with an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for a Polish F-16. According to the reports published by several Polish media outlets, on ...
Sep 02 2015
“This is not a one-time operating zone. We created an airspace arrangement that is enduring, so when we need to go back, it ...

Aviation Safety

Oct 07 2015
Mid-air with an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle for a Polish F-16. According to the reports published by several Polish media outlets, on ...
Sep 30 2015
On Sep. 25, the venerable T-2 took its final flight at Naval Air Station Patuxent River, ending a 56-year career. Developed to be ...

Rogue States

Oct 07 2015
Impressive footage shows Russian ships launch cruise missiles against ISIS targets from the Caspian Sea. Early in the morning on O...
Oct 06 2015
It has happened again….a Turkish Air Force F-16 was locked on by an “unidentified” Mig-29. As already reported, ...

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