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Here’s the first (and second) Australian F-35 Lightning II aircraft

Jul 24 2014
A sneak preview of the first and second F-35 being delivered to the Royal Australian Air Force

The first of 72 F-35s for the Royal Australian Air Force rolled out at Lockheed Martin’s Ft. Worth facility on Jul. 24.

The RAAF is ...

Royal International Air Tattoo 2014 highlights

Jul 24 2014
Here are some of the highlights of RAF Fairford’s Royal International Air Tattoo 2014.

Even though the F-35B Lightning II aircraft could not cross the Pond to take part in the world’s biggest military airshow, the Royal International Air Tattoo 2014 ...

Analysis: what these signs on the wreckage tell us about the missile strike that downed MH17

Jul 24 2014
Evidence of shrapnel damage to the Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 has emerged from images taken at the crash site.

Photos taken at the MH17 crash site clearly show shrapnel signs on various parts of the wreckage of the Boeing 777 shot ...

Drone’s eye view of giant Costa Concordia cruise ship leaving Giglio island towards scrapyard

Jul 23 2014
Drones are escorting Costa Concordia providing a different point of the giant ship’s final journey to the scrapyard.

On Jan. 13, 2012 the Costa Concordia luxury cruise ship, ran aground on rocks off the Isola del Giglio Island resulting in the ...

Putin Denies Reactivation of the Cuban Radar Station

Jul 23 2014
Vladimir Putin said that Russia will not reactivate the radar reconnaisance station in Cuba.

Last week Russian newspaper Kommersant reported the news (that has been circulating for at least a couple of years) that there were plans to reopen ...

[Photo] Airbus A350 takes off as Airbus A380 comes to land at Farnborough

Jul 23 2014
A nice head-on combo image of the Airbus A350 and Airbus A380 during Farnborough International Airshow 2014.

Even if the F-35 saga is what most people will remember about this year’s edition, Farnborough International Airshow, in UK, featured several other highlights, ...

Military Aviation

Sep 01 2014
Here’s an unbelievable photo shot at Amari Airbase, Estonia. Taken by photographer Gen Vagula at Ämari Airbase, Estonia, wh...
Sep 01 2014
Even though on average there are about about four to six incidents a year Russian planes have entered the Finnish airspace without...


Sep 02 2014
Drones used by ISIS militants are remotely-controlled products you can buy online for about 500 USD rather than something comparab...
Aug 29 2014
QF-16 performs for the first time as an aerial target A remotely controlled QF-16 Full Scale Aerial Target was launched for the fi...

Aviation Safety

Aug 27 2014
104th Fighter Wing F-15C crashed earlier today in in Virginia’s Augusta County. A pilot is still missing after a 104th Fight...
Aug 20 2014
Two Italian Air Force Tornado jets have crashed after colliding midair in central east Italy. While search of the four missing pil...

Rogue States

Sep 02 2014
Drones used by ISIS militants are remotely-controlled products you can buy online for about 500 USD rather than something comparab...
Aug 31 2014
Awesome video of the Mig-25 Foxbat flying at very high speed and ultra low altitude some years ago in Russia. The Mikoyan-Gurevich...

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