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This photo shows all the weapons the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter is designed to carry

Jan 16 2015
The F-35 and its weapons suite.

Top image shows an F-35A, at Edwards AFB, California,nexto to its F-35 Systems Development and Demonstration Weapons Suite the aircraft is designed to carry.

According to Lockheed Martin, the Joint Strike Fighter can carry more than ...

The nuclear nightmare of Savage Mountain: when a B-52 crashed due to turbulence. With two nukes

Jan 15 2015
This is true. And it’s terrifying. It reads like an Ian Fleming or Tom Clancy thriller. But it’s real.

0138 (Local) Romeo Time Zone (UTC-5:00). 13 January, 1964. USAF B-52D Stratofortress Callsign “Buzz 14”, Flight Level 295 over Savage Mountain, Maryland.

Major ...

Have A Look At These Unique Photos Showing Baltic Air Policing Jets (Flying With Live Missiles)

Jan 14 2015
Aircraft providing Baltic Air Policing as seen from a privileged point of observation.

The images in this post were taken by Bartosz Bera/RBS Photos from a C-27J Spartan plane during an air-to-air photo shooting with a Portuguese Air Force F-16 Fighting ...

The most unusual MiG killer: the Skyraider air-to-air victories on North Vietnamese MiG-17s

Jan 14 2015
The Douglas Skyraider has been the last piston engine propelled aircraft to shoot down a jet fighter.

The last propeller U.S. Navy attack aircraft to disappear from the decks of the flattops was the Douglas AD Skyraider.

This airplane had a unique capability: even ...

RAF Typhoon jets fly over the snow-capped Grand Canyon on their way to Red Flag

Jan 12 2015
RAF Typhoons supported by a Voyager tanker deployed to Nellis Air Force Base near Las Vegas to take part in Ex. Red Flag. And here are a few cool photos of the lead formation en-route.

Last week, the lead formation of ...

New Russian Air Force Aerobatic Team (the fifth one) to Debut during the Moscow Victory Day Parade

Jan 12 2015
A new aerobatic team is about to debut in Russia.

According to ITAR-TASS agency, a new Russian aerobatic team is to debut publicly for the first time on May 9, during the Victory day Parade, over the Red Square in Moscow.

Named ...

Military Aviation

Feb 27 2015
F-16IQ Block 52 Fighters shot in Arizona Iraq has taken delivery of the first of 36 ordered Lockheed Martin F-16 Block 52 jets des...
Feb 25 2015
Several years since it was eventually retired from the U.S. Navy, the Grumman F-14 Tomcat remains one of the most loved planes by...


Feb 16 2015
An Italian Air Force MQ-1C Predator A+ escorted the ships involved in the repatriation of Italian nationals from Libya. On Feb. 15...
Dec 13 2014
The video of the Orion crew module Exploration Flight Test 1 (EFT-1) as it descended through the atmosphere until splashdown into ...

Aviation Safety

Feb 04 2015
Shocking footage shows the ATR-72 turboprop plane banking sharply, hitting a cab and clipping a bridge before crashing into Keelun...
Feb 02 2015
Ground Collision Avoidance Technology (GCAT) On a recent flight in a Block 40 F-16 with our squadron’s weapons officer I was...

Rogue States

Mar 04 2015
Russia’s newest multirole fighter jets have been using NATO ships in the Black Sea to practice attack scenarios. Russian Su-...
Mar 03 2015
A-10s involved in Operation Inherent Resolve carry a full complement of air-to-ground weaponry. The pictures in this post were tak...

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