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Enjoy a guided walkaround tour of the iconic B-17 Flying Fortress bomber

Dec 21 2015
Up close and personal with the Boeing B-17 “Aluminum Overcast” owned by the EAA.

The Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress is a four-engine heavy bomber aircraft developed in the 1930s for the United States Army Air Corps (USAAC).

Even though it also participated ...

No, the withdrawal of U.S. F-15s from Turkey doesn’t mean NATO is leaving one of its members alone

Dec 21 2015
The U.S. has withdrawn twelve F-15 fighter jets from Turkey but new NATO assets are on the way.

On Dec. 16, the U.S. Air Force F-15 Eagles and Strike Eagles that were moved to Incirlik Air Base, Turkey just last month, ...

What’s the modern U.S. Air Force equivalent of these classic Star Wars spacecrafts?

Dec 20 2015
Take a look at the comparisons and let us know if you agree.

The U.S. Air Force Central Command has recently published an inspiring post on Social Media asking followers to think what would be the modern Air Force equivalents of ...

Two U.S. B-52 skirt Chinese-controlled man-made island in the South China Sea sparking Chinese protest

Dec 19 2015
Two American Stratofortress bombers flew within 12 miles of the disputed islands.

On Dec. 10, two U.S. Air Force B-52 strategic bombers on a routine long-range mission flew within 12 nautical miles (the standard boundary of the territorial waters) of one ...

10 months of learning how to fly and employ the F-16 at Luke AFB in one stunning video.

Dec 18 2015
Here’s how student pilots train to employ the fly and fight in the Viper.

This is an interesting +11 minutes video filmed by pilots attending the F-16 B Course with the 309th Fighting Squadron at Luke Air Force Base, in Arizona.

Shot ...

Air Force Special OPS plane carrying US Commandos makes “surprise” landing in Libya

Dec 18 2015
A U.S. Air Force C-146A Wolfhound with SOF made an unannounced landing at an airbase in Libya.

Early in the morning on Dec. 14, a C-146A Wolfhound (US military designation of the Do-328), serial number 13097, registration N307EF, operated by the ...

Military Aviation

Feb 07 2016
Chad Hennings flew the A-10 in combat during the 1990s before winning three Super Bowls with the Dallas Cowboys. Chad Hennings is ...
Feb 07 2016
Interesting video with pilot interview provides some interesting details about the F-35’s first transatlantic crossing. On F...


Dec 05 2015
Interesting footage released by the Russian MoD. According to the Russian MoD, during the last few days the US-led coalition in Sy...
Oct 20 2015
This was just released by the Russian MoD. Russia’s MoD has just released a video showing a Sukhoi (Su-30SM) more or less &#...

Aviation Safety

Feb 02 2016
An incredible rescue mission recently took place at RAF Leeming during a training sortie in a Hawk jet. On Jan. 28, 2016 an unname...
Jan 29 2016
Tense moments in the skies over Black Sea. On Jan. 25, 2016 a U.S. Air Force RC-135U electronic intelligence gathering aircraft wa...

Rogue States

Feb 05 2016
Some impressive images captured at Kunsan Air Base during a recent elephant walk exercise. Taken on Feb. 3, 2016 these striking ...
Feb 04 2016
Last few seconds of this footage feature Russian Su-35S Flankers on the flightline at Latakia airbase. Taken at Hmeymim airbase, t...

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