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Russia to base Mig-31 Foxhound fighters at Arctic airbase in renewed sign of pivot to the North Pole

Oct 28 2014
Russia is moving fighters (and bombers) towards the North Pole.

Although the production of the Mig-31 ended in the early 1990s, the Foxhound interceptor is being upgraded to extend its operative life up to the 2028 – 2030, until a replacement ...

World’s Last A-7 Corsair II attack aircraft retired from active service in Greece

Oct 27 2014
The Hellenic Air Force (HAF) has retired the A-7 Corsair II from active service with a ceremony at Araxos airbase.

On Oct. 17, the Hellenic Air Force organized a ceremony to celebrate the retirement of the last A-7 Corsair flying with ...

This tiny Camcopter will help OSCE monitoring the shaky ceasefire in Ukraine

Oct 25 2014
Schiebel Camcopter used by OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine made its first flight.

On Oct. 23, the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine (SMM) successfully completed the first flight of the Schiebel Camcopter S-100 in eastern Ukraine.

The UAVs (unmanned aerial ...

Can you ID this rocket that was abandoned in Milan’s suburbs?

Oct 24 2014
A rocket was found in the outskirts of Milan.

On Oct. 24, a rocket was found in Parco Lambro, a large park located in northeastern Milan, Italy.

About 70 cm in length, the rocket is painted olive-drab and has a yellow nose, ...

ISIS flag planted on hill near Kobane: Coalition air strike wipes it out

Oct 24 2014
Video shows what happened to a hill near Kobane. Wiped out by an air strike conducted by US-led coalition bombers.

This is a striking video showing what happened to a hill near Kobane, where ISIS had just planted a flag. IS ...

Hornet Ball 2014: the best naval aviation video of the year

Oct 23 2014
Once again, Hornet Ball is the best naval aviation video of the year.

The Hornet Ball (Strike Fighter Ball Pacific) is an annual event consisting of all the West coast Naval F/A-18C Legacy Hornet and F/A-18E/F Super Hornet squadrons, their pilots ...

Military Aviation

Nov 28 2014
UK F-35B has conducted first tests with ASRAAM and Paveway IV weapons at Patuxent River Naval Air Station in Maryland, United Stat...
Nov 26 2014
Think twice before watching this video if you suffer motion sickness. Although most of the recent war scenarios involved stealth m...


Nov 21 2014
An interesting video shows the Ukrainian forces launching Soviet-era Tu-143 reconnaissance drones. Some months ago we published so...
Nov 19 2014
An MQ-8 Fire Scout was spotted on a trailer on I-405 at Newport Beach, California Few months ago we published an image of an MQ-8C...

Aviation Safety

Sep 15 2014
The famous episode when an Israeli Air Force F-15 was able to land with one wing. The F-15 is not only a famous MiG Killer. The le...
Sep 11 2014
Take off and landing from an aircraft carrier can be extremely dangerous. Even if they are extremely important to project power ac...

Rogue States

Nov 28 2014
North Korean Leader poses next to a takes shots of Mig female fighter pilots. An always smiling Kim Jong Un visited a North Korean...
Nov 27 2014
Moscow reinforces Belbek airbase in Crimea with 14 jets, including 4th Generation Su-27SMs. Russia continues to encircle Ukraine w...

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