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No Panic: Airliners went missing in Libya pose little threat of 9/11 attack

Sep 04 2014
Even though it’s not impossible, it would be at least difficult to successfully execute a 9/11-like suicide attack using one of the airliners allegedly missing in Libya.

In the last few days, media outlets all around the world have reported the ...

Serbia’s Mig-29 Fulcrum jets return to service thanks to donation by Russia

Sep 04 2014
Serbian Mig-29s airborne again thanks to the batteries donated by Moscow.

Serbian Air Force Mig-29s returned to active service on Sept. 2, when a Fulcrum jet flew with accumulators provided by Russia.

The jets were grounded four months ago because of battery ...

Video shows Libyan Mig-21 Fishbed jet crash into downtown Tobruk

Sep 03 2014
Free Libya Air Force Mig-21 crashed into city blocks at Tobruk, in eastern Libya.

On Sept. 2, a Mig-21 belonging to the Free Libya Air Force crashed into Tobruk killing the pilot and at least a small boy on the ground.

The ...

[Video] F/A-18C Hornet painted in Russian Flanker paint scheme takes part in Top Gun training

Sep 02 2014
U.S. Marine Corps F/A-18C in Adversary role at Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort, South Carolina.

Eye-catching paint schemes which make fighter planes similar to their Russian counterparts have become a distinguishing feature of U.S. Aggressors and Adversary jets.

Along with “splinter” patterns, that ...

ISIS surveillance drone is only an amateurish remote-controlled quad-copter

Sep 02 2014
Drones used by ISIS militants are remotely-controlled products you can buy online for about 500 USD rather than something comparable to real UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles).

Even though some media outlets reported that ISIS have acquired unmanned capabilities, after a video ...

Incredible photo of F-16 fighter planes under sky set alight by Northern Lights

Sep 01 2014
Here’s an unbelievable photo shot at Amari Airbase, Estonia.

Taken by photographer Gen Vagula at Ämari Airbase, Estonia, where the aircraft have been deployed to undertake Baltic States air policing duties, this awesome image shows four Royal Danish Air Force F-16 ...

Military Aviation

Sep 30 2014
An interesting point of view: from an F-15E Strike Eagle Advanced Targeting Pod Designated AN/AAQ-33, the Lockheed Martin Sniper A...
Sep 30 2014
Considered almost unbeatable in the air-to-air role, the F-22 successfully debuted in combat, taking part in air strikes against I...


Sep 22 2014
It looks like Hezbollah is using its weaponized drones to attack Al Qaeda targets in Lebanon. Not only Hamas operates armed UAVs (...
Sep 19 2014
Did you know RAF delivered its five Reaper UAS (Unmanned Aerial Systems) as if they were model kits? The Royal Air Force has just ...

Aviation Safety

Sep 15 2014
The famous episode when an Israeli Air Force F-15 was able to land with one wing. The F-15 is not only a famous MiG Killer. The le...
Sep 11 2014
Take off and landing from an aircraft carrier can be extremely dangerous. Even if they are extremely important to project power ac...

Rogue States

Oct 01 2014
Here’s the effect of the first British air strike on ISIS in Iraq. On Sept. 30, RAF Tornado GR4 aircraft from RAF Akrotiri a...
Sep 30 2014
An interesting point of view: from an F-15E Strike Eagle Advanced Targeting Pod Designated AN/AAQ-33, the Lockheed Martin Sniper A...

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