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[Photo] How to move a watercraft U.S. Army 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment’s way

Maritime External Air Transportation System using a U.S. Army MH-47G Chinook.

Taken on May 21, in Moses Lake, Washington, the above image shows Special Warfare Combatant-craft Crewmen from Special Boat Team 12, stationed at Naval Base Coronado, California, conducting a MEATS (Maritime External Air Transportation System) training with the help of the aviators from 4th Battalion, 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment, stationed at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Washington.

MEATS is a way to move a watercraft from land or water to somewhere else using a U.S. Army MH-47G Chinook helicopter of the 160th SOAR (A) “Night Stalkers”, the U.S. Army special ops force which provides support for both general purpose and special operations forces flying Chinooks, MH-60L/K Black Hawks, A/MH-6M Little Birds choppers and MQ-1C Gray Eagle drones (along with a few MH-X Silent Hawks and perhaps a bunch of stealthy Chinooks and some stealthy Little Birds).

The procedure is as follows: the watercraft crewmen rig the boat to the chopper hovering above, and then climb a rope ladder to board the MH-47 before it moves to the final destination, where they will slide down a rope to the boat before the helicopter disconnects the hoist cables.

Image credit: U.S. Army


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Apocalypse now-like scene: 10 AH-64 Apache and 6 UH-60 Black Hawk choppers arrive at Joint Base Lewis-McChord

Something you don’t see every day: ten AH-64 Apache and six UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters belonging to the 1st Battalion, 229th Aviation Regiment, based at Fort Hood, Texas, arrive at Joint Base Lewis-McChord, Washington, where the unit is relocating, on May 11.

The 1-229th Avn. Regt. is an attack reconnaissance battalion.

The video needs only a different soundtrack: Ride Of The Valkyries (Wagner) as in Apocalypse Now!