Basing on the pictures I took all around the world, Barry Snell, a Canadian modeler, is creating interesting dioramas. The following images, edited by Barry using some of my pictures as background, show a speculative “Tucara” (slang for grasshopper in Argentina). It is a 1:48 model of a Pucara-derived kitbash/scratchbuild using parts from a Tutor, Mustang, A-10 Warthog, Mosquito, etc. (Tutor plus Pucara equals “Tucara”).
This is a kind of artwork: he uses relatively generic/plain image of a military airbase taken from an apron and overlooking the runways, taxiways etc. away from the main hangars; something well-lit during a bright day and creates a realistic scene. “Trick is to not have something more eye-catching in the background than the model I’m trying to display in the foreground. It’s all about having the background seem relatively distant and unobtrusive yet suitable for the aviation nature of the subject model” Barry explains.

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