Spandahlem’s F-16 Jets Have Deployed To Poland for Joint Training Activities with the Polish Air Force

One of the F-16CM of the 480th FS "Warhawks" deployed to Poland. (All images: Author)

Spangdahlem Warhawks Have Arrived At Poznan-Krzesiny Air Base.

Eighteen F-16CM/DM Fighting Falcon jets belonging to the 480th Fighter Squadron of the 52nd Fighter Wing, from Spangdahlem AB, in Germany, have deployed to the Polish Krzesiny AB in Poznań on Jun. 1, 2019. The aircraft are involved in bilatelar training scheduled as a part of AvRot 19-2.

The deployment is a routine support of the Operation Atlantic Resolve.

As the Łask Airbase in Central Poland, the usual destination where the USAF assets were stationed so far, in case of forward deployments, is being modernized and inactive right now, the U.S. Air Force in Europe birds were moved to the 31st Tactical Air Base in Poznan. According to Scramble Magazine, the 480th FS, which specializes in SEAD (Suppression of Enemy Air Defenses) mission, will carry out joint training focused on readiness and interoperability with the Polish Air Force.

An F-16CM landing in Krzesiny AB, Poland.

Notably, the aircraft stationed at Krzesiny are sporting some interesting equipment including the Raytheon AN/ALE-50 towed decoy systems (can be seen on wing stations 2 and 7) and the AN/ASQ-213 HTS pods (HARM Targeting Systems). Furthermore, the jets also carry the Sniper ATPs (Advanced Targeting Pods).

Operation Atlantic Resolve is an ongoing effort undertaken as a response to the Ukrainian Crisis. It is funded under the European Deterrence Initiative and involves the US assets being present along the NATO Eastern Flank, including augmenting of the air presence in the region.

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