The aircraft you don't expect to see on Flightradar24: another "black" C-32

Yesterday at 19.45 GMT

Today at 22.19 GMT:

Looks like Foreign Emergency Support Team C-32s are quite active these days……and doesn’t care about transmitting their information directly in the Public Domain.

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  1. If they’re flying over U.S airspace, then there’s no need for their movements to be secret. In fact, since the C-32 is based off a civilian airliner, and it probably flying through civilian airspace, keeping its flight pattern secret would greatly increase the risk of a mid-air collision.

    Even when we flew B-2’s on strike missions into Libya and Iraq, they still had to talk to air-traffic controllers over public frequencies before going tactical. Anyone who wanted to listen to those communications could have, and some did so.

  2. 00-9001 is in the air again today (as shown on FlightRadar24), headed towards Andrews AFB, as of 08:44 EST.

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