Delta in-flight safety video: the power of (some kind of) communication

Delta Airlines recently uploaded an aviation in-flight safety video to Youtube. The video is similar to those broadcasted on every commercial flight before departure but it is for sure one of the most watched ever.
First of all, it was uploaded on the Internet and it is available to everybody. Second, Delta choose a beautiful flight attendant for its video.

Each time I fly I always think that the safety videos deserve more attention since the briefing contains information that might be useful in case of emergency. Since frequent flyers don’t pay attention to them and people scared of flying are focused on the take-off and usually don’t concentrate on the clip, only a few passengers watch the safety video (I’m among them). Delta had a clever idea to use Katherine Lee (that has been nicknamed Deltalina, from Delta-Angelina, from her resemblance to Angelina Jolie) because the informational video was watched by thousands in the World (CNN interviewed both Katherine and the clip’s director) from their chairs with positive consequences for both passenger’ safety and marketing purposes. Furthermore, it is very clear (easy to understand also for a non-mothertongue), slightly hilarious and thus enjoyable and effective.

Well done!

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