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Panoramic photography – part 2

Grazzanise 19.09.03 10th Gruppo apron

Grazzanise 17.12.03 Grazzanise boneyard at the end of Year 2003

Grazzanise 07.10.04 Deployed to Grazzanise for the Ex. Destined Glory 2 HAF F-4s taxy to the holding point of runway 06

Furbara 17.05.05 3 HH-3Fs of the 15th Stormo operating from Furbara airfield during Ex. Joint Raid 05

Panoramic Photography

Panoramic photography is one of the great achievements of the photographer in the digital era. Stitched panoramic shots, made by series of overlapping shots joined using special software, provide views that normal lenses could not catch. After watching my works I’ve often noticed that the whole scene as seen in a panoramic picture unveiled much more details than a single shot.

Grazzanise 04.03.04  SF-260 of the 70th Stormo, deployed to Grazzanise lined-up in the 609th Squadriglia Collegamenti apron next to the Squadriglia’s AB.212AM

Grazzanise 04.03.04 A lone TF-104G of the 20th Gruppo, temporary operating from Grazzanise, sitting in the 10th Gruppo ramp

Grazzanise 07.04.04 Two AMX from Amendola, deploying to Grazzanise for firing activities inside Sardinia ranges 

Pratica di Mare 27.04.04  At the end of a training mission “Agip 25” sits in the 14th Stormo apron next to a G.222RM

Pratica di Mare 29.05.04 9 F-104s prepare for take off during Starfighter farewell

Pratica di Mare 29.05.04 F-104s line-up during on the taxyway during Starfighter reunion

Pratica di Mare 29.05.04 An F-104 of the 9th Stormo attends the Starfighter reunion

Gioia del Colle 22.09.04 One of the last Tornado ADVs of the 12th Gruppo getting out of the shelter before departing for a training mission with the Squadron’s MB-339CDs

Bangkok 13.05.07 View of the town from the Sheraton’s 21st floor

Melbourne 17.05.07 Victoria’s capital town

Kangaroo Island, South Australia 21.05.07

Blue Mountains, New South Wales, Australia 24.05.07

Uluru, Northern Territory, Australia 26.05.07 Sunset at Ayers Rock

Uluru, Northern Territory, Australia 27.05.07 Sunrise

Kata Tjuta, Northern Territory, Australia 27.05.07 The group of rocks also known as the Olgas and Uluru (visible on the right), sacred to the Aborigines 

Uluru, Northern Territory, Australia 27.05.07 Sunset at Ayers Rock