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Eurofighter Typhoon Enhancement Program delivers robust simultaneous multi-/swing-role capability

Oct 30 2013

Top image shows Eurofighter IPA (instrumented production aircraft) 7 flying over Cassidian´s Military Air Systems Center in Manching with an impressive payload: Laser Designator Pod, two Supersonic Fuel Tanks, two IRIS-T Short Range Air-to-Air Missiles, four AMRAAM Medium Range Air-to-Air ...

Up close and personal with the badass Typhoon’s Helmet Mounted Symbology System

Nov 09 2012

Taken at Grosseto airbase during the recent Spotter Day, the following close up pictures show the Eurofighter Typhoon‘s HMSS (Helmet Mounted Symbology System).

Based on data made available by Eurofighter, the Typhoon’s HMSS features lower latency, higher definition, improved symbology and ...

Have you ever seen a picture of a fighter plane towing a radar decoy? Here it is

Apr 16 2012

Towed decoy systems are used to protect military aircraft from radar-guided missiles. These countermeasures are towed behind the host aircraft protecting it against both surface-to-air and air-to-air missiles. They provide a radiowave reflecting baid that attracts the RF-guided missiles away ...

Two pilots shocked to find German Typhoons hot on their tail

Apr 11 2012

Two pilots flying what they thought was a routine flight to Germany for servicing of their Embraer Phenom executive jet had more than they bargained for when two Luftwaffe Typhoons appeared on their wing tip.

According to The Local website, the ...

India's MMRCA fighter jet deal: illusion and disillusion on the losers' side.

Feb 02 2012

All media outlets have been reporting the various reactions to the news that India is “likely” to award the contract for its MMRCA competition to Dassault as it was the lowest cost bid.

Aviation week’s Robert Wall wrote that the news ...