XQ-58 Valkyrie

XQ-58 Valkyrie UAVs Delivered To Eglin AFB As Kratos Flies Improved Block 2 Variant

The first military-owned Valkyries will exploit Eglin Range's infrastructure to further expand the test campaign. The 40th Flight Test Squadron…

9 months ago

Ever Seen A Drone Dropping Another Drone? Take A Look At The XQ-58 Valkyrie Releasing An Altius 600 UAS

This first payload release from an XQ-58 Valkyrie is part of the ongoing testing of the attritable unmanned aircraft and…

2 years ago

New ABMS Systems Will Allow Easier Communications Between F-35, F-22 And Other Assets

The new ABMS systems tested on the KC-46 and XQ-58 will act as a translation platform converting messages sent by…

3 years ago