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  1. Hi, I like the aviationist very much, It’s one of the best specialised military aviation sites I know.

    I have some questions and I hope that I can have response there.

    first I can’t find pictures of the syrian supposed Mig-29 Fulcrum in internet (I found just one and probably taken in russia) Syria is supposed to have 62 fulcrums, but in two years of the conflict, all videos or pictures ar about mig-21/23 and L-39, I guess syrians are protecting them from rebels and from deserters, but with the menace of Israel united states and turkye, they have to fly them and train for intercept ennemies, the last israeli attack prove that syrian air defence is a mess.

    second question: is the israeli pilots are the best as they like to say or it just that their opponents have less performant or older or downgraded fighters.

    did the russians have their own red flag exercices, and is there informations about russian fighters pilots, because in paper the russian fighters of the flanker family and the mig-29 are not bad; but when it comes to fight in real they aways take the shot.

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