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Grosseto 10.03.08: 20° Gruppo Change of Command

On Mar. 10, Grosseto airbase hosted a ceremony to celebrate the Change of Command of the 20th Gruppo between the outgoing, Maj. Marco Amort, and the incoming, Maj. Andrea Truppo. Interestingly, I know Maj. Andrea Truppo, since I flew with him on a TF-104 on Nov. 27th 2000 (read the full story here: Flying the TF-104G-M).
An aviation photographer, Adriano Bonelli, took some exclusive pictures of the arrivals and departures of the partecipating aircraft and was able to take some impressive images of the first Italian formation of 8 F-2000As and Bs (6 belonging to the 4th Stormo and 2 belonging to the Gioia del Colle based 36th Stormo) performing a flyby on the airbase.

Night activity in Grosseto airbase

On Dec. 5th I went again to Grosseto to make take some long exposure shots during night activities (see also my previous post: http://cencio4.wordpress.com/2007/08/09/eurofighter-night-take-off/).

Typhoon MM7287 operating with the RSV landing at sunset:


Take off of a P-180:

Base turn and landing for a 9th Gruppo Eurofighter:

A C-27J on final approach for RWY 03:

The C-27J performing a touch and go:

This last picture deserves a comment: if you look at the top of the image, you’ll notice that the red strobe light blinking underneath the aircraft and reflecting on the fuselage and the wing, generates a series of red dots that recall the shape of the wings of the C-27J.