510th Fighter Squadron

F-16 With Special Tail Celebrates 80th Anniversary Of The “Buzzards”

The F-16 with the new special-colored tail has flown for the first time from Aviano Air Base. The 510th Fighter…

6 months ago

Let’s Have A Look At The GBU-39 SDB And APKWS Markings Sported By The F-16s Of The 510th FS “Buzzards”

Several spotters have noticed interesting weapon markings on some of the Buzzards "Vipers" deployed to the UK. Last week, the…

3 years ago

A close-up look at the 31FW F-16s performing strafing runs at Ft. Irwin National Training Cent

A detailed analysis of a 510FS training mission at Ft. Irwin. On the afternoon of Feb. 24, The Aviationist's contributor…

8 years ago