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Cool videos show UK and USMC F-35Bs and USAF F-35As during their first transatlantic flights

Jul 03 2016
The F-35B  aircraft refueled 15 times (in total) during their trip across the Pond. And here’s some cool footage that shows the difference between the A and B variants.

On Jun. 29, the first British F-35B Lightning II, accompanied by two ...

This Airbus A340-500 is Italy’s new Air Force One

Jun 30 2016
Here’s I-TALY, the new A340 of the Italian Air Force VIP fleet.

The above photograph was taken on Jun. 30, as the new Italian Air Force Airbus A340 was performing ILS approaches to runway 16L at Rome-Fiumicino airport.

The aircraft is a ...

[Photos] Eurofighter Typhoons escort three British and American F-35Bs arriving in the UK for the first time

Jun 29 2016
Here are some cool photographs of the first British F-35B welcomed by the RAF Typhoons and escorted to the first landing in UK.

On Jun. 29, the first British F-35B Lightning II, piloted by RAF pilot Squadron Leader Hugh Nichols and ...

Here’s how an Integrated U.S. Force Secures a Critical Airfield in Contested Space

Jun 28 2016
Awesome images of A-10s, C-17s and C-130s involved in JFEX exercise.

The battle went unnoticed by most.

On Saturday, Jun. 18 a joint aerial friendly force faced a very capable and determined adversary.  The adversary fielded a world class air force combined ...

F-15E Strike Eagles unable to shoot down the F-35s in 8 dogfights during simulated deployment

Jun 27 2016
“0 losses in 8 dogfights against F-15E Red Air”

The U.S. Air Force F-35A fleet continues to work to declare the Lightning II IOC (initial operational capability) scheduled in the August – December timeframe.

Among the activities carried out in the past ...

Up close and personal with the B-52 bombers deployed to the UK for drills in Europe

Jun 27 2016
We had the privilege of being invited to RAF Fairford on the 11th June 2016 to meet squadron personnel from the United States Air Force 5th Bomb Wing, Minot AFB.

Over the period of Jun. 2 and 3, 2016, three B-52H ...

Military Aviation

Jul 29 2016
This is how the B-2 LAP “variant” could have looked. In 1979, Northrop began studies for a low-observable strategic bo...
Jul 28 2016
Some rather exotic visitors. Three interesting aircraft arrived at RAF Mildenhall airbase, UK, on the afternoon of Jul. 13. Two C-...


Mar 13 2016
What might be an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle is circling over the border between Turkey and Iraq. Increasingly, military aircraft as w...
Feb 08 2016
NASA operates the giant Northrop Grumman Global Hawk drone to collect weather data. On Feb. 5, NASA showed off its newest and smar...

Aviation Safety

Jun 09 2016
Unbelievable coincidence. It’s the fourth incident to a military aerobatic display team in one week, the second today! On Ju...
Jun 09 2016
It’s not a good period for military aerobatic teams. A Su-27 Flanker belonging to the Russian Knights aerobatic team crashed...

Rogue States

Jul 24 2016
Less than two months before the failed coup, the Turkish Air Force hosted its traditional medium-scale high-tech exercise at Konya...
Jul 20 2016
Cross-border training in eastern Europe for the A-10 Thunderbolts from Indiana. Eight A-10 Thunderbolt II attack aircraft, along ...

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