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Here Are The World’s First F-35A Lightning II Stealth Aircraft With Special Tail Markings

Jun 27 2017
Two Italian Joint Strike Fighters were given special tail markings to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the 13° Gruppo.

On Saturday Jun. 24, 2017, the Italian Air Force celebrated the 100th anniversary of five of its most famous combat squadrons: the ...

B-52, B-1, Typhoon and V-22 Among The assets Supporting A Spectacular Beach Landing Operation During BALTOPS 2017

Jun 26 2017
This Is What A Modern Beach Landing Operation In The Baltic Region Would Look Like.

BALTOPS 2017 is the largest military exercise organized in the Baltic region this year.

The operation was held by the STRIKFORNATO (SFN) command, with Poland acting as ...

Thunderbird F-16D Ground Accident in Ohio, Global Hawk Drone Crashes in California.

Jun 23 2017
RQ-4 Long Range RPV From Beale AFB Crashes in Mountains, Thunderbirds F-16D Crashes In Runway Rollover.

In two separate, unrelated incidents a U.S. Air Force F-16D Fighting Falcon of the Thunderbirds flight demonstration team flipped over after landing at Dayton International ...

Airbus A400M Atlas Tactical Transport Completes Beach Landing Trials.

Jun 23 2017
Interesting Exercise Demonstrates A400M Unimproved Takeoff/Landing Capabilities.

The new Royal Air Force Airbus A400M tactical transport, aircraft ZM414, recently conducted a fascinating tactical capability trial at the Pembrey Sands Air Weapons Range in South Wales, U.K.

The Airbus A400M demonstrated its capability ...

The Polish Air Force Takes Delivery Of Its First Gulfstream G550 VIP Aircraft

Jun 22 2017
The Polish Air Force has received its new G550, the first post-Soviet VIP aircraft.

The first of the new Polish Air Force’s G550 VIP jets (with the second one expected to be received in mid July, and with the first operational ...

Sweden Protests As Russian Fighter Buzzes Swedish Spyplane Over The Baltic Sea

Jun 21 2017
A Russian fighter flies within 2 meters a Swedish Air Force spyplane, causing the Swedish minister of defence to condemn the behaviour as “unacceptable”.

In what is just the latest in a long series of close encounters over the Baltic Sea ...

Military Aviation

Jul 13 2017
Arizona eBay Seller Lists Large Wing Section of Crashed XB-70 Valkyrie for Auction. With the exception of the occasional echoing t...
Jul 13 2017
Red Flag 17-3 underway at Nellis Air Force Base features both U.S. Marine Corps and U.S. Air Force F-35s, for the first time toget...


Jul 11 2017
The Italian Air Force Predator A+ of the 32° Stormo (Wing) appear with new markings. On Jul. 10, the Italian Air Force announced ...
Jun 23 2017
RQ-4 Long Range RPV From Beale AFB Crashes in Mountains, Thunderbirds F-16D Crashes In Runway Rollover. In two separate, unrelated...

Aviation Safety / Air Crashes

Jul 17 2017
Lifelong Aviator’s Fatal Accident is Third P-51 Crash This Month. Talented and widely admired airshow pilot Vlado Lenoch and air...
Jul 15 2017
Impressive footage shows a Belarusian Air Force MiG-29’s failed take off and subsequent ejection. The video below shows a Be...

Rogue States

Jul 21 2017
Following New F-35 Display at Paris, Moscow Wows with Sukhoi Su-35 Super-Maneuverability Display: But Does it Matter? Video of Suk...
Jul 20 2017
A gigantic U.S. Air Force RQ-4 is currently flying over Ukraine, broadcasting its position for everyone to see. U.S. RQ-4 Global H...

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