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This is probably the last Italian Tornado ECR to wear the old fashioned camouflage color scheme

Mar 21 2017
One of the last Italian tactical aircraft to wear a “camo” scheme is this Tornado ECR used by Leonardo for testing activities.

Taken by our contributor Alessandro Caglieri at Decimomannu airbase recently, the photo in this post shows a really rare ...

Watch the first solo display training of the new Su-30SM of the Russian Knights aerobatic team at LIMA 17. At dusk.

Mar 21 2017
Sunset Supermaneuverability: Mesmerizing footage.

The “Russian Knights” aerobatic team have brought their new Su-30SM jets at the LIMA 17 exhibition currently underway in Malaysia.

The participation in Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace Exhibition represents the world premiere of the “Russian Knights” flying ...

Here are the first photographs of the Italian Typhoons arriving in Iceland to provide NATO Air Policing duties

Mar 20 2017
The Italian Typhoons have arrived in Keflavik.

On Mar. 17, supported by two KC-767A tanker of the 14° Stormo (Wing) from Pratica di Mare airbase, six Italian Air Force Typhoons have arrived in Iceland to undertake QRA (Quick Reaction Alert) and ...

Are Low-Cost “COIN” Air Forces the Future of Tactical Air Power?

Mar 20 2017
For Nations Without Big Defense Budgets, Small Tactical Air Forces are the Trend.

Small, inexpensive, easy to operate combat aircraft with precision strike capability and long loiter times to provide close air support.

Versatile, scalable rotary wing assets that do double duty ...

A fighter pilot joins The Aviationist’s team: welcome on board “Gonzo”!

Mar 20 2017
We have a new writer. A Fighter Jock, an Instructor Pilot, an Aggressor, with 3,000 flying hours and actual combat experience. Be ready for some really cool stories.

I met Alessandro “Gonzo” Olivares for the first time two years ago, at ...

72 Year Ago This Week: The First Ever Jet Airstrikes. A titanic failure for the Germans.

Mar 19 2017
The First Ever Jet Airstrike Was a Disaster. Here’s The Bizarre Story.

When gunners spot them, they are stunned: their speed. No propellers.

From out of the northeast, rocketing down from medium altitude in a shallow dive intended to improve bombing accuracy ...

Military Aviation

Mar 28 2017
The 154° Gruppo has recently completed a two-week deployment to Decimomannu airbase, in Sardinia. From Mar. 3 to 17, six Tornado ...
Mar 28 2017
Polish Parliamentary Committee on National Defense analyzed the current state of the Polish Air Force’s F-16 fighter fleet, ...


Feb 05 2017
We can’t say whether it happened by accident or on purpose, but a U.S. unmanned spy aircraft broadcast its position for everyone...
Jan 11 2017
U.S. Navy F/A-18 Hornets released a swarm of 103 Perdix semi-autonomous drones in flight. Welcome to the future of war tech. The U...

Aviation Safety / Air Crashes

Mar 22 2017
Leaks and Media Reports Suggest Laptop Ban Linked to Jan. 28 SEAL Raid on Yemen. Unattributed quotes from “three intelligence so...
Mar 16 2017
Wake turbulence flips Challenger jet upside down. Crew survives after emergency landing. In a bizarre incident that occurred on Ja...

Rogue States

Mar 28 2017
British Typhoons heading to southeastern Europe to provide QRA (Quick Reaction Alert) from Romania. On Mar. 27, the UK MoD (Minist...
Mar 26 2017
Russian Aerobatic Team Shows Precision and Performance in Brand New Su-30s. The LIMA 17 air show in Malaysia on Mar. 21-25th is th...

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