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Taiwanese Mirage 2000 Missing Off Northeastern Taiwan Coast

Nov 08 2017
Taiwanese C-130 and S-70C Aircraft Join Search with Three Ships at Crash Scene.

A Republic of China Air Force (ROCAF) Mirage 2000 from the 499th Tactical Fighter Wing based at Hsinchu Air Base on northwestern tip of Taiwan has gone missing ...

Italian Air Force Typhoon, AMX, Tornado, T-346 And F-35A Jets As Well As Greek F-4E Phantoms Take Part In Italy’s Largest Drills In 2017

Nov 07 2017
Exercise Vega 2017 put the Italian Air Force’s most advanced “hardware” to test.

Vega 2017 (VG17) is the name of the Italian Air Force-led aerial exercise included in Joint Stars 2017, Italy’s largest joint drills organized this year “to train commands ...

Nellis AFB F-15 Receives Special Paint Livery Honoring Victims of Las Vegas Mass Shooting

Nov 07 2017
This Nellis-Based F-15A Was Repainted in Time for Next Week’s Aviation Nation 2017 Airshow.

Public affairs and local Las Vegas news outlets have released a new video of an F-15A Eagle with a special set of markings honoring the victims of ...

55 Year Ago The Last U.S. Above-Ground Nuclear Test To Determine The Viability Of An Anti-ICBM Defense System

Nov 06 2017
The Last U.S. Above Ground Nuclear Test Was Oddly Predictive of Current Missile Defense Programs.

July, 1968. Sunday Morning. 100,000 Feet Over the Midwestern United States.

This is a last, desperate attempt at survival.

It is codenamed “Satan”, and it is headed for ...

Ballistic Missile Strike Intercepted by Saudis over Capital City Riyadh

Nov 04 2017
Ballistic Missile Fired by Houthi Rebels Showers Arab Capital with Debris.

Houthi rebels inside Yemen have claimed responsibility for a short range ballistic missile attack against the Saudi Arabian capital of Riyadh on Nov. 4. An announcement made on social media ...

Israeli Air Force Jets Hit Targets Near Homs During Latest Covert Air Strike In Syria

Nov 04 2017
Latest Israeli Air Strikes May Escalate if Iranian Involvement in Region Grows.

Israeli combat aircraft secretly pounded targets in the Hisya area of Syria south of the city of Homs on Wednesday, Nov. 1, 2017. The air raid, the latest in ...

Military Aviation

Nov 17 2017
We Visited “Jedi Transition” to Learn If the Best Low-Flying Area in the U.S. Is in Danger. It is the African big game...
Nov 16 2017
The Newest Version of the Massive Tupolev Tu-160 Blackjack Was Rolled-Out This Week. Russia has rolled out the latest upgrade of t...


Oct 27 2017
A B-52 from the 419th Flight Test Squadron was given a new nose art to commemorate the Buff’s involvement in a top-secret te...
Sep 20 2017
Here’s the footage of a RAF Reaper drone unleashing Hellfire missile to stop a public execution in Syria. The news of a succ...

Aviation Safety / Air Crashes

Nov 15 2017
U.S. Air Force test pilot Maj. Michael J. Adams was killed during X-15 Flight 191 on Nov. 15, 1967. The North American X-15 was a ...
Nov 09 2017
Pilots of the KC-390 were only able to recover the aircraft 300 meters from the ground. Embraer has grounded the first prototype o...

Rogue States

Nov 16 2017
The Newest Version of the Massive Tupolev Tu-160 Blackjack Was Rolled-Out This Week. Russia has rolled out the latest upgrade of t...
Nov 16 2017
Here are some interesting shots of U.S. Army attack choppers equipped with LAIRCM. U.S. Army AH-64E Apache attack choppers support...

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