This is the first clear image of China’s new Stealth killer drone

May 10 2013 - 7 Comments

Coming from the Chinese Internet, the following image shows the Lijian (“sharp sword”), China’s first weaponized stealth drone.


via Room

According to Duowei News, the drone is ready for its maiden flight after completing its taxi tests in December last year.

Designed jointly by the Hongdu Aviation Industry Group and Shenyang Aviation Corporation, the Lijian is quite similar to both the U.S. X-47B and the European nEUROn.


Chinese Internet via China Times

H/T to Al Clark for the heads-up

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  • ralphie44

    I wonder if our dual citizen jeus sold them this in their usual fashion

    • keith

      Yes, they did, again.

    • keith

      Yes, they did, again.

  • ralphie44

    I wonder if the Israelis stole and sold them this technology like they did most of the previous

  • traderjim7

    Yes, how about all those Chinese spys at our Los Alamos laboratories during the Clinton administration. They used to call it “Chinese take out”.

  • John Dere

    Should the drone carry nukes, would be one of immense dangers towards anyone around China!

  • Why does this look strangely familiar… ;)?

    Copying much?