Here are the first photos of the Florida ANG F-15C Eagle jet arriving in Europe

Apr 01 2015 - 1 Comment

First ever Air National Guard Theater Security Package has arrived in Europe.

The first six F-15C Eagles from the Florida Air National Guard’s 159th Expeditionary Fighter Squadron have arrived at Leeuwarden airbase, Netherlands, on Mar. 31.

Twelve Eagle jets are deploying to Europe as the first ever ANG theater security package in the continent. The second wave of F-15s is expected to arrive at the Dutch airbase on Apr. 1.

F-15C Theater Security Package Arrives in Europe

They will initially operate from the Dutch base, where they will take part in Frisian Flag exercise before moving to Bulgaria to conduct training alongside other NATO allies “to strengthen interoperability and to demonstrate U.S. commitment to the security and stability of Europe.”

The air superiority planes complement the 12 A-10 of the Air Force TSP deployed to several airbases across eastern Europe beginning last month and the 14 F-16s from Aviano airbase, deployed to Amari airbase, in Estonia, to conduct joint training with regional allies.

F-15C Theater Security Package Arrives in Europe

Image credit: U.S. Air Force