(Fake) Video shows triangular shaped aircraft attack Taliban camp in Afghanistan

May 08 2014 - 14 Comments

A mysterious triangular shaped airborne object attacks Taliban camp in a video allegedly filmed by U.S. Marines. Genuine or fake? Fake.

The following footage was allegedly filmed in Afghanistan by U.S. Marines that captured this footage of what looks like an Unidentified Flying Object, hovering over a Taliban camp in Afghanistan before attacking and destroying it.

Although triangle-shaped, hence resembling the mysterious planes spotted over Kansas and Texas, the UFO seems to be smaller than the two aircraft photographed at high altitude over Continental U.S.

Here’s a screenshot showing the aircraft.

Mystery triangle Afghanistan close-up

Is the video genuine?


Here’s an interesting analysis.

The footage was posted on a Youtube channel with tons of videos of spacecrafts and UFOs, some of which are clearly fake, doctored videos.

Even if secret drones and new stealth planes really exist, this video is probably not among the evidences of those Black Projects and the triangular aircraft was added in post-editing on a video of an ammunition pile being detonated.

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  • Tweedle Dee

    Clearly fake. It’s a poorly doctored video where they put a moving shape into a video of the impact of some airburst munition (possibly HIMARS)

  • Lucas

    Yes it’s fake…If you ever work in CG, it’s easy to tell.

    • Tomcat

      George, is that you?

  • McPosterdoor

    That probably shouldn’t even be posted on such a respected site as this. However I would just say look at the first impact @ :20, the explosion would indicate the source came from upper left of screen.

    Finally, if this is hitting Taliban targets its probably ISAF friendly, in that case why would you have a hovering craft susceptible to MAPADS engage targets pew-pew style when it seems fixed wing or rotary craft drone or otherwise could do the same job, better at high altitude and speed. Its weird and doesn’t really add up, I call shenanigans. Out.

    • Stijn Vandamme

      it’s an embarrassment … that’s what it is.

  • Ben


  • Vpr

    Come on, David… So many amazing and interesting posts, and you just post this… I even can’t find word to describe it…. Shame on you…

  • Tomcat

    Anyone notice the secondary detonation approximately one second after the initial? It leads me to believe that it is an ammo dump being detonated.

    • Gruia

      You mean the stuff that was lifted by the first explosion and then it detonated at altitude? It’s the coolest thing in this video!

  • TJ

    This is the original footage. Why do these idiotic hoaxers such as ‘Sector51’ think that nobody will find the original footage? Note that the hoaxer has mirrored the footage. The footage is from Iraq and has been on there since at least 2007. Simply a strike on a car bomb factory. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8oTjTufJnXI

  • Gothamite

    It’s amusing to see actual news outlets pick up on this and show how badly they are at fact checking.

  • shumla7ranch

  • TJ

    No problem. The person that created the hoax video is even complaining that people are ‘stealing’ his video and threatening reporting them to You Tube. Can you believe it! It is simply nothing more than a revenue making channel as they create these videos hoping that they go viral and rake up the hits.. He/She has stacks of hoax videos. Yes, I agree far too many gullible people!

  • Jiffy Jaffy

    The debunking video is the fake one, listen to the sounds of the explosions and notice the last explosion goes up but with no attack, in the UFO video each shot matches the explosions. This is called big brother debunking the truth.