[Video] 11 Russian gunship helicopters flying into Ukrainian airspace over Crimea

Some 10 Russian Mi-24 Hind helicopters were allegedly filmed entering Ukrainian airspace over Crimea.

Amateur video uploaded on Youtube shows eleven Mil Mi-24 helicopters allegedly flying towards the military airport at Sevastopol early in the morning of Feb. 28.

According to some regional media outlets, the news of the gunships was confirmed by Ukrainian Border Guards.


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  1. What chilling look of a desperate action to avoid Putin’s foreign policy totally falling apart.

    He still do not understand that investing on dictators is not a good way to exercise your influence, soft power and economic relation in a win win scenario is the way after Cold War.

    • Russia does have one major economic relationship with Ukraine… Namely gas supply. They claim the presence of troops on Crimea is warranted due to the gas contract. If Ukraine ousts Russia some way, you can expect the prices to increases several times and, since Ukraine cannot pay for that, the supply to be stopped. So Russia has some power there.

      I get your point though. Such policies don’t exactly warm the average Ukrainian to the Russians… Which in the end would get more results.

  2. Putin is trying to incite civil war to destabilize the region, claim that Russian Citizens are in danger to have a reason to go in. But at this point the rest of Ukraine is watching and laughing. Crimea is behaving like a little spoiled brat crying for his candy. They don’t even have fresh water there, no energy production. Brainwashed population paranoid about Nazis and Bandera.

    • Putin “can” do the things you cited. The question is, what Ukraine can do to counter it. Almost nothing, I guess.

        • Unfortunately, they won’t. This will end like the Georgian war of 2008. Except that Putin’s actions may accelerate Ukraine’s admission to Nato.

  3. Anyone from Ukraine that visits this blog? Where can one go to read up on the day to day events? Thanks.

    • Go euromaidan facebook, Kyiv Post, New York Times has a live update blog as well as The Guardian from the UK, go luck

  4. ​Its amazing how ridiculous any American criticism of foreign military policy is, now considering that the majority of Ukrainians are in fact ethnically Russian and the Ukraine is in such close proximity to Russia, that alone should be grounds enough for there action but then again let’s look a bit at recent U.S actions, Libya=completely destabilized and controlled by Islamic radicals, and of course there is Syria where we are supporting the same type of people who where responsible for the atrocities of 9/11 and also are killing all minorities and secularist with the complete military, diplomatic and humanitarian support of the U.S. Im not exactly saying this course of action from Russia is correct but please get off the ‘Merica nonsense judging others for doing far less detrimental things to other countries and for far better reasons.

    • yeah right do not be ridiculous muslims are maybe 5% in Crimea and have no power into this area. Ukrainians are far from happy of this aggression that has no justification at all as the area was fairly stable with alms no accidents. This is just Mr Putin that feels surrounded by EU and Nato.

    • Hmmm – the Ukrainian population is (at the last census) 77.5% Ethnic Ukrainian, 17.2% Ethnic Russian. That is in no way a majority, no matter how you slice it.

      Next – the majority of the unrest before Russia involved themselves (at the behest of the ousted Victor Yanukovych) was in central Ukraine – in fact it was pretty much contained in Kiev.

      I would also like to point out that yes, the USA has done some fairly reprehensible things internationally, but at least they had the guts to do so in the full view of the public & showing their insignia. The sudden appearance of the “Green Men” at key points in the Crimea is disgusting – they are Russian troops! Russia is destabilising parts of Ukraine so that they can enter to carry out “peace keeping activities”. What is even worse is that Russia offers Russian Passports to anyone who asks in these disputed areas and then shortly after sends in their troops to “defend Russian Citizens”… Right, citizens that were Ukrainian yesterday but are Russian today…

      Now we see the same game playing out in Kharkiv and Donetsk… Even these places have only a minority of Ethnic Russians…

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