Stunning image of Russia’s new stealth plane clearly shows new shark camouflage

As already explained, Russia’s 5th generation stealth fighter plane T-50 (PAK FA – Perspektivny Aviatsionny Kompleks Frontovoy Aviatsii—Future Tactical Air System), has receintly received a new camouflage.

A new image of the example 055 blue, taken on Nov. 22 by Artyom Anikeev gives a hint of what the paint scheme looks like as seen from the top (or when the aircraft is turning). Click on the image to open it at full resolution.

As a consequence of the new color scheme (seemingly inspired by the White Tip Longimanus shark typical of the Red Sea) a T-50 seen from distance would appear as a rhomboidal shaped aircraft, smaller than the actual airplane.

Image credit: Artyom Anikeev

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    • My guess would be that they provided additional air to dilute the output of the engines so that the aircraft have a smaller thermal signaturer. Taking the cooler air and mixing it with the hot air out of the engines would significantly lower the overall temperature of the exhaust.

    • Of course, the paint may be different on the series aircraft. This is still merely a prototype.

      As for the advantage, I wouldn’t know – surely determining the aircraft type isn’t done using sight? Although, I suppose the darker paint will also get warmer due to the sun; so perhaps the camo also works on IR?

  1. Once again the Russians trump the “West”. Very attractive aircraft in a superb scheme. Compared to the “dumpy” F-35s and F-22s it looks even elegant. Can’t wait to see its full performance.

    • So, you admit that you haven’t seen its full performance, yet you claim that it “trumps the west”. You’re easily persuaded fella.

      Oh, I see. That’s because its “very attractive” as compared to our “dumpy F-35s and F-22s” Right…its the dumpiness factor that persuaded you.

      Thanks for the technically astute review of modern military aircraft.

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