Video: Skydivers intercept gliders midair. The low cost fighter jet solution for air forces in financial crisis?

May 21 2012 - 2 Comments

The following video shows what (theoretically) could be achieved by future paratroopers equipped with proper wingsuits.

Five wingsuit skydivers joined up with and maintained formation with two gliders over Austria, in the last Red Bull sponsored adventure.

The team literally intercepted at roughly 12,000 feet two aerobatic LET L-13 Blanik gliders (with the leader flying inverted).

Although all the members of the team had to maintain a predetermined airspeed, and descent rates, to prevent any mid-air collision, the experiment could be an example of how some air forces, struggling to keep an airworthy fleet of fighter jets in QRA (Quick Reaction Alert).

I’m obviously joking but imagine jetpacks (like the one used by “Jetman” Yves Rossy) to give skydivers enough speed to pursuit and intercept fast movers, and you’ll have your low cost fighter jet solution to face the current financial crisis…